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For almost 25 years Kinetic Recruitment has been helping companies recruit their most valuable asset – their people. Kinetic arrived in Tauranga in 2015 and we’re proud of the contribution we’ve made sourcing top talent for our local economy. Our success is recruiting professional roles working across all industries in the Bay.

In the last 12 months we’re assisting clients with blue collar staff as well. Our recruiters know the local market, what is pertinent to the BOP; it enables us to get it right, every time.

The next 12 months has growth in the pipelines. Lesley, in our Careers Services team has relocated to Tauranga, this fabulous expertise is on your doorstep. Our team provide psychometric testing, career coaching, remuneration assessments and career development planning. We’re also excited to launch a wellbeing programme – it was pushed to the forefront after Covid, and research categorically shows wellbeing initiatives in an organisation delivers efficiency and productivity gains.

Kinetic Recruitment’s core values include honesty, loyalty, directness, ethical practice and hard work. Kate Ross, our CEO & founder says “As with any relationship, communication and attention to detail are key”.

These values are absolutely displayed within our BOP team, who are passionate about providing excellent service results. Our team collectively and individually are very knowledgeable in the recruitment & career sectors. Add to that the vast support of the Kinetic team nationwide and you would be hard pressed to find a boutique recruitment company that can provide a similar range of services.

If you want to talk recruitment, no matter the position or industry, the Kinetic Tauranga team will help. Plus, if you’re wanting to maximise your peoples’ performance” engage us in our wellbeing programme, great results guaranteed.

07 281 2509

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