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Bay of Plenty Region
Thursday, August 5, 2021
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Tauranga Gala Dinner 2021

Photos from The Tauranga Gala Dinner, held Friday 16 July at Trustpower Arena. Photos by Justin Aitken & Events Innovated   Read: Gala spectacular set to hit Tauranga...

New Appointments

Executive appointments bolster BOP

August has ushered in a broad range of new executive appointments across the Bay. Please contact us if your organisation has personnel changes you...

New executives appointed across the Bay

As organisations in the Bay of Plenty bounce back from the effects of Covid-19 some of the region’s largest and most important groups are...

Regular Columns

What is a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan and why your business needs one?

What is disaster recovery and business continuity? In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, there’s zero tolerance for downtime, a simple human error, a cyberattack or natural...

Doing the wrong thing for the ‘right’ reason doesn’t make it right

In my work I often hear people attempt to justify sometimes horrendous acts or very poor decisions due to it being something that they...

Why should you consider converting?

What do many successful businesses ranging from those is the trades – electricians, plumbers and builders – through to white-collar professions ranging from real...

Inflation is here …

There is no doubt we will see higher reported inflation this year. In fact we’ve already seen it – grabbing headlines last month (at least in market circles) were the various US’ April inflation reads.

Phone me!

The original mobile telephone weighed in at impressive 2kg and was first demonstrated in 1979. The first commercially available handheld, the DynaTAC 8000x was not available until 1983.

Our digital dilemma – Does technology have an effect on our mental health?

A quick search on Google and you will find the verdict is still out. The contrasting views on whether technology or social platforms truly...

Pick the right tone of voice

Anyone who has had a disagreement with their partner will know the danger of getting your tone wrong. The same is true in marketing;...

Flat as … Jet Charge denied .nz domain name

Domain name complaints involving .nz domains have become something of a rare beast. In 2011, 11 decisions were issued under the .nz Dispute Resolution...

Choosing a Master

Some of the best-known franchise brands, and nearly every international franchise brand in New Zealand, will actually be master franchisees operating under a master...

Relationships and other complications

Jon Richardson, a famous UK comedian, once said “all relationships end, either one of you leaves or one of you dies” and that is...
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From the editor – August 2021

Read Online I wasn’t a 100 per cent advocate of the plan to turn over Tauranga Council control to the four government-appointed commissioners, led by former National MP Anne Tolley. And I remain sceptical they...
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