Bay of Plenty’s Kale Print win big on national stage once again

Established in 1993 with the goal to promote excellence in print in New Zealand, the Pride In Print Awards have been a pinnacle of...

New Appointments

Appointments indicator of Bay’s importance

Despite the uncertainties resulting from Covid-19 lockdowns in late August, New Zealand businesses have continued to signal their commitment to the Bay of Plenty business sector through a raft of new appointments.

New Bay Venues directors confirmed

The new board of directors, which will govern the activities provided for Tauranga City by Bay Venues Limited, has now been confirmed. The appointees are...


Trustpower Baypark Arena: A great investment by Council

If there’s one person you need to talk to about what makes Trustpower Baypark Arena tick, that person is probably Bay Venues commercial manager...

Regular Columns

Loosen the reins or risk losing the horse

Us kiwis have always prided ourselves on being a DIY-capable, ‘get it done’ “leave it to me” kind of people. And while this is...

It’s good business to care: Sick Leave and the importance of wellbeing

Sickness isn’t the same anymore. Covid-19 has made it all the more important for people to stay home when they’re unwell. Earlier this year, Parliament...

Exporting to Australia – trademark tricks and copyright catches

Are you thinking of exportin’ to Australia? Got your IP rights in order? Not yet? Well, don’t leave it too late because ‘she’ might...

The less appreciated approach to making money in franchising

Franchisee entrepreneurs are attracted to buying a franchise business for a variety of reasons including brand passion or wanting the support and guidance of...

Global share markets continue to hit new highs

Globally, the majority of share markets continued to climb higher, with many sitting at or near record highs. Markets have been driven higher by a combination of:

EV, or not EV? – that is the question

I’m going to describe my limited understanding of a process that I have grown up admiring – we pour in petrol, and when we turn a key a battery causes a starter motor to “start” an engine.

What you need to know about the Clean Car Program

Some 27 years ago I walked into an office for my first accounting job and a couple of weeks later I was hooked. I...

What is your business worth?

I commonly get asked by business owners, purchasers and professionals “what is a business worth” and I usually respond with “it depends”. It depends on...


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From the editor – September 2021

We are delighted to celebrate in this month’s cover story the continuing strength of Trustpower Baypark Arena as the imposing landmark celebrates its 10th year as an entity. It hasn’t been easy for the management...
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