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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Foresters concerned over cap on trees

Forest owners have responded with dismay to government plans to double down on intentions to limit the areas that can be planted in exotic...

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The best use of techspertise

During 2020, new data and privacy laws came into play, remote working exploded, and cyber-security, data protection and IT risks become constant conversation pieces....

A year in reflection

By all accounts this past year has not been a typical one for anyone in NZ and that is certainly no different in the...

A Bega reason to register your trade mark

Trade mark rights are assigned – transferred – from one owner to another all the time. How many trade mark owners know, though, that...

Why focusing on existing customers is smart business

Picking up new business takes time and investment. Yet many business owners make it their focus, sometimes at the expense of servicing their existing...

Time to relax, restore and reassess

It has been an unusual year with many unforeseen challenges to mitigate. People are tired, stressed and more than ever in need of a...

Motivational analysis required before buying

There has been a significant rise in the number of people interested in purchasing their own franchised business in the current Covid-19 economic and...

A most unusual year brings out the best in many

As we draw near the end of 2020, we can reflect on what has been a most unusual year for all, and one that...

Emotions do not improve business communication

In my time in the debt collection and dispute mediation industry I have had many instances where we step into a dispute that has...
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