On the road to a more sustainable future

Ingham-Sears is your authorised Mercedes-Benz retailer for the Bay of Plenty region. Whether you are looking for a compact hatch, mid-sized sedan, versatile SUV or high-performance electric model, our dealership is a trusted destination for car enthusiasts and luxury vehicle seekers alike.

Catering to the diverse preferences of the New Zealand market, we are proud to provide an ever-growing family of all-electric models. These progressive and intelligent vehicles are the ideal entry into a more sustainable lifestyle, providing Kiwi motorists with the most advanced and electrifying driving experiences yet.

Additionally, our continuing internal focus on environmental protection, waste avoidance and resource conservation is closely aligned with that of Mercedes-Benz, which is committed to reducing CO₂ emissions and embracing electrification for a greener tomorrow.

Mercedes-Benz already offers a battery-electric model across all segments in which the brand is represented.

By prioritising the development and production of electric vehicles, they intend to revolutionise e-mobility, fostering a shift towards cleaner transportation while still maintaining the marque’s reputation for luxury, comfort and exceptional design.

In fact, Mercedes-Benz’s vision towards sustainable mobility and environmental stewardship is so strong, that by 2039 their goal is to make their entire vehicle fleet net carbon-neutral, from development to recycling.

As we drive towards this carbon-neutral future, we invite you to experience the stunning all-electric range for yourself. We have new, demonstrator and pre-owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles available to view and test drive. Plus, our service team and factory-trained technicians can assist in maintaining your car’s optimal condition with our state-of-the-art facilities, tools and diagnostic equipment.

Visit our showroom today at 55 Totara St, Mt Maunganui, or call us on 07 572 8260. We look forward to seeing you soon.

→ 07 572 8260



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