HR and Recruitment: Unique employer brand key to attracting talent in 2023

Kellie Hamlett - Director, Talent ID

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How to attract and retain talent in a post-Covid climate is one of the biggest questions businesses are contemplating right now, says Bay of Plenty-based recruitment specialist Talent ID.

The past 12 months have been particularly challenging for businesses looking to build the capacity of their team, with the ‘great resignation’, record-low unemployment and brain drain reducing the pool of potential candidates to a puddle.

But Talent ID Director, Kellie Hamlett, says there are a number of small changes a business can make to grow its employer brand and become the preferred workplace for talented employees.

“There is no disputing that 2022 has been a challenging year for businesses as they’ve navigated rapidly rising remuneration costs, sickness, logistics delays for products, staff with heightened stress and burnout, and not being able to fill vacant positions.

“But these challenges also offer a fantastic opportunity for businesses to take a good look at what sets them apart from other employers, and consider what they could offer to attract and retain talent in this economic environment,” says Kellie.

Talent ID is a boutique recruitment and HR consultancy that has been supporting the growth of businesses in the Bay of Plenty and beyond for more than 15 years.

Established in 2007, Talent ID’s core business is all about people, offering tailored solutions in both recruitment and human resources.

With clients nationwide, and recruiting roles from entry-level to senior executive level, Kellie and her team get a birds-eye view of the business landscape across the country.

“While there are signs that we have an economic downturn coming and that may see the market loosen, we are unlikely to see those effects until the second or third quarter of 2023. We anticipate the first quarter of 2023 will continue to be a buoyant, candidate-driven market.

“In this kind of market, employers need to consider what makes their business a great and unique place to work, their ‘EVP’ Employee Value Proposition. Nowadays, candidates are looking to join companies who provide meaningful work, with a purpose that aligns with their own personal values. Knowing and effectively communicating your business’ ‘why’ is a must.

“It’s easy for businesses, particularly SMEs, who are already feeling the pressure of high work-loads to become overwhelmed at the thought of building on their employer brand. But like your business strategy, your “people strategy” can be built upon over time.

“The market is rapidly changing and we are needing to turn the traditional approaches upside down, and use innovative and tailored solutions.”

Kellie recommends considering:

  • Where do we want to be in 5-10 years’ time and how are we going to get there?
  • What will make our company stand out as an employer of choice?
  • How do our employees like to work, how are they most productive and how can we help them to achieve that.

If your ‘why’ is around the community, it could be that you give your employees time off to volunteer at a community event. If your purpose is family, it could be providing flexibility for school events or topping up parental leave entitlements. If health and wellness is your ‘why’, it might be offering a gym membership, Pilates class, or paid mental health days.

Candidates are also seeking development opportunities and progression, and these are key aspects which should also underpin your strategy.

“The possibilities are endless and these things all help create an environment people want to be part of.”

Looking beyond basic remuneration towards a total package approach which can include non-financial perks.

Kellie feels the HR sector is on the cusp of some fundamental changes as society moves towards a more people-centric approach to business.

“There’s some great technology coming through that can help us to streamline systems and make recruitment and HR a much more candidate-focused and friendly process. Adopting psychometric testing and workplace trials are just two tools we have in our arsenal to help get the right candidates into the right teams.

“Recruitment shouldn’t be a chore that businesses must endure. Supported by Talent ID’s holistic advice and oversight, businesses can build the team that will take them into the future.”

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