LEXUS ELECTRIFIED : For driving exhilaration

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Under the ‘Lexus Electrified’ vision, Lexus aims to invigorate all owners’ authentic love for driving exhilaration, and in doing so, broaden its Lexus Electrified portfolio of hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), battery electric vehicles (BEV), and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) to exceed the needs and expectations of a more diverse set of luxury buyers.

The new electrified Lexus RZ is our future of electrification and will continue to accelerate our carbon reduction journey. From the brave design through to the exhilarating performance it will be a delight to drive.

The Lexus RZ 450e is the halo model of this new approach – a new design, sleek, sharp lines and an aerodynamic silhouette express the vehicle’s athletic personality. While the side profile of the RZ is unmistakably Lexus, the RZ front and rear feature a new Lexus Electrified look, with sleek lines and sharply angled lights.

We Love Zero’s

Lexus of Tauranga is offering a unique proposition on this innovative luxury model.

The “We Love Zero’s” campaign is championed by the Zero % finance offer with a $25000 deposit, and the balance over 36 months. There are a number of funding options available, including business leasing, and combined with that, an $8000 travel or furniture voucher, 10,000kms of road user charges, and to top it off, our Lexus of Tauranga Lifestyle Package which offers the new owner the use of an RX350H Hybrid six times a year over a four day period for those journeys when EV recharging poses a challenge.

All new Lexus models come with a four-year unlimited kms full maintenance service plan, and a four-year unlimited kms warranty with Lexus Roadside Assistance. This package represents significant value with its funding flexibility and add on value proposition.

Brave design

Driven by electricity and featuring new safety technology, the Lexus RZ stays true to the Lexus brand concepts of brave design, omotenashi and takumi craftsmanship.

The exterior design expresses the seamless acceleration and dynamic torque-filled performance specific to BEVs. Lexus’ identifiable spindle grille is replaced by a BEV Spindle Body. The new front bumper design focuses on aerodynamic efficiencies, optimised proportions, and style, versus serving the cooling and exhaust needs of an internal combustion engine. This styling evolution ushers in a new Lexus aesthetic and establishes a new design direction for BEV offerings.

The “Lexus Driving Signature” is a uniquely Lexus driving experience that aims to achieve predictable, linear response according to the driver’s intentions. In the RZ, the high-precision motor torque control and optimal battery and motor placement help to achieve ideal weight distribution and high response.


This concept is based on the DIRECT4 all-wheel drive system that controls front and rear drive force according to driving and road surface conditions. It achieves driving performance where the vehicle directly responds according to the driver’s input.

DIRECT4 and the newly developed high-output electronic axle (eAxle) motor continuously controls the drive force of the four wheels with high precision. It works according to the ground contact load of the vehicle regardless of road surface and driving conditions to achieve an exhilarating driving experience in line with the driver’s intention.

For more information or simply to have a closer look, call us today 07 577 0880 at Lexus of Tauranga, 158 Elizabeth St, Tauranga.


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