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Old Mobile Phone from past to present on white background.

Phone me!

The original mobile telephone weighed in at impressive 2kg and was first demonstrated in 1979. The first commercially available handheld, the DynaTAC 8000x was not available until 1983.

So, what are we supposed to eat?

Even an instinct as primal as eating has been transformed in the modern world of our luxury lifestyles.

Tech – The New Frontier

There was a time when computer geeks were actually geeks, and computers were sci-fi imaginings, before they became the things that sat on the desk near the server room. The word geek (derived from the...

On yer bike!

Musings on luxury and leisure, post annus horribilis This is a story about bikes – but do keep reading. Yes. I know – there is a sizeable constituency of readers who will already have tuned-out,...

The emancipation of the male car buyer: the evolution of ‘car guy’ to...

Musings on luxury and leisure, post annus horribilis It seems that with the restrictions in overseas travel and holidays we have had to focus on alternative luxury spend items. Car sales, for example, seem to...

There’s a tsunami of generational wealth coming…

A perspective on quality lifestyles and exceptional living in the Bay. I did wonder if it was an aberration, a short-lived, one-off, ultimately self-correcting, blip on the graph. A graph entitled ‘What are you worth?’ A...



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