Opportunities in a thriving business market


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Business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs will be glad to know that New Zealand’s current market offers a wealth of intriguing opportunities for buyers and sellers alike. Here are some strong trends and valuable insights to enrich our collective understanding of the prevailing business environment.

One of the most significant and relevant trends is the recent rise in buyer activity. We’re witnessing a steady increase in buyer enquiry levels month on month, which indicates an active and thriving business climate.

As a result, serious buyers are becoming more confident in their pursuit of entrepreneurial goals and are shifting their focus from traditional real estate investments to the acquisition of strong businesses.

Banks are playing a pivotal role in supporting these aspirations, with favorable lending conditions that facilitate acquisition, growth and expansion.

Timing is important when deciding to sell a business. A big mistake that sellers could make today is missing the window of opportunity they’re currently sitting in.

Too often, sellers unfortunately focus solely on the dollar and misjudge the timing. The present market conditions offer a prime opportunity for sellers to achieve better results due to the heightened competition among buyers. The time to act is now!

For buyers, currently on a quest for the “perfect” business, the reality is it is likely to be a fruitless search.

The perfect business doesn’t exist. If you find a business that ticks most of your boxes, back yourself and proceed.

Successful entrepreneurs rarely look back and regret the price they paid for a good business.

With escalating levels of buyer enquiry, ready availability of bank funding, increased buyer competition, and rising business confidence levels, the stage is set for both buyers and sellers of businesses to achieve excellent outcomes in the pursuit of their business aspirations.

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Steve Catley
Steve Catley
Steve Catley is a Business Broker at LINK Business Brokers. He can be contacted at 021 341 117 and steve.catley@linkbusiness.co.nz

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