When to sell your business: is there a right time?

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There is no set-in-stone right or wrong moment to sell your business. Ultimately, after spending years of your time and energy on its success, it’s up to you to decide when it’s time.

But how do you actually make that decision? There are endless reasons why selling your business may be the best choice for you, offering you an opportunity to reap the rewards of your hard work and embark on the next stage of your life.

Growth potential

It’s not uncommon for business owners to reach a point where they realise that someone else with a fresh perspective, additional resources, or industry expertise can take their company to new heights. If you believe that your business could flourish even more under new ownership, selling it can be a strategic decision that shows your unwavering commitment to your business’s sustained success. The influx of capital and talent that a new owner can bring might just be what your business needs to thrive beyond what you previously thought possible.

Pursuing new opportunities

Entrepreneurs are known for their innovative spirits and the drive to explore new horizons. Perhaps you have a brilliant new business idea or an exciting career path that you’re eager to pursue. Therefore, selling your current business can provide the capital and freedom needed to turn your dream into a reality. Selling your current venture doesn’t mean abandoning entrepreneurship. Instead, it could be a transition into a new phase of your career.

Lack of a succession plan

Not all business owners have a clear and viable succession plan in place. Therefore, selling to a qualified, motivated, and serious buyer via enlisting the help of a professional business broker may be the best option. This decision ensures that your hard-earned legacy isn’t left in limbo and allows you to exit on your terms, rather than seeing the business decline without proper leadership.

Changing lifestyle

Naturally, your priorities and preferences evolve over time. If you find yourself yearning for a different lifestyle or a change of scenery, selling your business can provide the means to facilitate your desired transformation. Whether it’s moving to a new location, spending more time with your family, or pursuing personal interests, selling your business can offer you the financial and temporal freedom to craft the life you want and deserve.

Aligning with personal goals

Selling your business can also be the path to achieving your long-term personal goals. Your dreams and aspirations may include early retirement, travel, or pursuing a different career. The financial gain from selling your business can be a catalyst for actualising these goals, making it a strategic move to align your professional and personal aspirations.

If any of these points resonate with you, then it might be time to start thinking about selling your business. It’s important to remember that selling your business is not merely an end; it’s the beginning of a fresh chapter where you can continue to succeed in different ways while your business rests in other capable hands.

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Steve Catley
Steve Catley
Steve Catley is a Business Broker at LINK Business Brokers. He can be contacted at 021 341 117 and steve.catley@linkbusiness.co.nz

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