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‘The thing I love most about being in business is just being accountable. The buck stops with you and the decisions you make have a direct effect on sales, how people perceive your brand, the longevity of your business and the ability to deliver value to your customers. It’s exciting, its fast paced and when you throw in an international pandemic now and then, it requires a ton of hard work and detail to deliver results’.

Owner of Flame Strategic Media Agency, Stefani Grgicevich-Lassey has been at the helm of one of the largest media planning and buying agencies in the Bay for the last 20 years. At its core, Flame offers impartial media advice across Television, Radio, Print, Billboards and Digital platforms delivering researched multimedia solutions based on effectively targeting client specific audiences.

Independent and fully accredited Flames passionate team has a wealth of experience in the media industry.

Since moving here, Stef has seen businesses thrive and grow in what was once a satellite city to the main centres to a city that has many of New Zealand’s leading brands.

The Bay of Plenty is an extremely exciting region with value-based businesses delivering market leading national brands to international markets.

I feel that moving here was one of the best decisions I have made for both my career and my family as I am surrounded by strong women, friends and clients that are leaders in all sectors of business from fashion and pharmaceuticals to gardening and education. I am proud of what we can collectively achieve when we all work together.

The media market is changing every day and what worked yesterday may not work today – being on top of trends, being relevant, managing brand safety, driving new customers and protecting those you have can be a minefield so a clear, yet malleable strategy is imperative to our client’s continued success.

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