New Tauranga scholarships look to the future

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A new scholarship for first year engineering and environmental science students in Tauranga aims to create new connections between students and industry in the Bay.

The Tauranga Moana Futures scholarships are funded by Tauranga City Council and focus on areas of study that employers are hungry for and will have a real, practical impact on the city.

“The University of Waikato’s Work Integrated Learning is key to the effectiveness and practical application of study,” says Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Alister Jones.

“We offer a unique connection to local stakeholders and our engagement with industry means we’re teaching and turning out students who are ready and able to hit the ground running the minute they graduate.”

The two scholarships both come with guaranteed paid summer internships or summer research scholarships within the chosen area of study.

Tauranga City Council Commissioner Stephen Selwood says the council’s investment in the future of the region’s workforce is a “no-brainer”.

“This city and region will undergo significant change over the next decade. We are crying out for engineers and environmental scientists – and people who know the landscape, are familiar with the structures of our industry and can contribute right from their first year of study are going to be invaluable,” he says.

“Tauranga is fast becoming a tertiary destination, and we’re excited about the life and energy that students bring to the city. We’re pleased to be backing the future of Tauranga Moana with these scholarships and look forward to more similar local government and industry partnerships in the future.”

Professor Jones says the new scholarships are part of a larger aim to position the Bay of Plenty as a hub for the skills and capabilities industry will be looking for in the future.

“Studying at Waikato University is like nowhere else – our ability to collaborate and bring disciplines together is unique. We’re proud to be bringing that to the Bay next year and look forward to growing and developing our offerings to students, industry and council in the future.”

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