Taming the Mindset: Gail Page

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Imagine having a workplace culture where people actually ENJOY being at work?!

A place where your teams feel appreciated, engaged, and inspired to excel, mutual trust and respect is the norm, diversity and inclusion is a priority and psychological safety exists in abundance.It might sound impossible, but communication and mindset coach

Gail Page can make seemingly impossible things happen.In this jaw-dropping and inspirational episode, Gail reveals the secrets behind creating a healthy workplace – it’s not rocket science, it’s communication! Because when your people feel listened to, respected, and free to show up as their authentic selves in their workplace, that’s where the magic happens.

With extensive experience helping organisations and teams deal with conflict, increase motivation and turbo-charge productivity, Gail delivers compelling and insightful truths that will challenge your beliefs and make you rethink how you communicate.

Taming the Ferrets is produced by WTF! Productions and presented by Freddie Bennett, an ‘Anti-marketing’ entrepreneur, bestselling author and Guinness World Record holder.

You can discover more about Freddie hereInterested in starting your own podcast? It’s easier than you think. Find out more here See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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