Taming the High Performers: Jacinta Horan

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What makes a high-performer? In this episode of Taming the Ferrets, we reveal the secrets to high-performing success in sports, business and at home.

Jacinta Horan is the owner of Bureta Physio, and one of New Zealand’s most distinguished Physiotherapist. A veteran of the Rio and Tokyo Olympics and The Commonwealth Games, she knows what it takes to succeed in the most demanding environments.

In this awe-inspiring discussion, Jacinta and Freddie discuss what it’s like to go all-in on your passion and start a business, dealing with team performance issues, leading through a crisis, dealing with family guilt, sacrificing everything and a whole load more.

Jacinta also reveals her blueprint for helping young Kiwis learn, achieve and thrive both physically and mentally.

If you ever wanted to peek inside the mindset of an inspirational high performer in business, sport and family life, this episode is simply unmissable!

Find out more about Jacinta and Bureta Physio here.


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