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Uncharted Waters

This Special Focus underlines the enormous creativity that the Bay of Plenty has displayed in its responses to the

As we note on the cover, we are all entering uncharted territory now. As the lockdown has slowly reduced in severity levels, businesses have been quick to adjust their ways of doing business to the greatly altered circumstances.

But we need to continue to take care of ourselves and of each other unless we exceptional circumstances we have all found ourselves in slip back, as has been the case in many countries around the world.

By uncharted we mean that the “new normal” is, of course, not what we are preparing for. None of us knows what that normal will be. We may be entering an era where change is a much more visible part of everyday life and business than it has ever been. And that it will be a continuously evolving process.

The companies in this feature – each in their different categories – display the leadership, adaptability and strength that is needed in these troubled times.

And importantly, they offer examples that can inspire and guide us all as we navigate and manage the challenging economic times ahead.

Above all, their stories reflect the enormous kindness and community spirit that has been a hallmark of the business response to the pandemic.

And they reflect the generally collaborative approach that has always been a strong element of the Bay of Plenty business community.

Be safe. – David Porter, Editor

Bring your personality to the media interview

How many times have you watched a TV news item and felt like the interviewee was just reeling off a sales pitch? All too often people get caught up in their key messages and forget...

Hotel Armitage – making the best of it!

Covid-19 has created new challenges for all businesses and the Hotel Armitage and Conference Centre is no exception. However, we believe in every challenge there is opportunity and the chance to evolve, adapt and become...

Accounting & Business Advice – Ingham Mora

In relation to accounting there are three key areas we think are import- ant to help businesses navigate the tough times ahead: 1.Managing taxes Unfortunately the IRD has not for- given any taxes due. How- ever,...

Committed to recovery

New Zealand has a stable economy and a history of weathering global financial challenges well. Our central bank and government are doing what they can to minimise the economic impact for Kiwis, and the New Zealand public has responded responsibly to the lockdown.

iLine Construction forge ahead

With a number of substantial projects underway across the Bay of Plenty, Rotorua, Waikato and Auckland, iLine Construction is clear in its plans to forge ahead and remains cautiously optimistic in its outlook despite...

Commercial and industrial property going strong

The level of inquiry throughout Lockdown Level 4, 3 and more recently Level 2, has been surprisingly positive. By far, the majority of the activity our office is experiencing is from within the Tauriko...

The way we work is changing – WHETHER WE LIKE IT OR NOT

Many of us are looking at ways to reduce costs, especially any fixed costs or overheads and we are being forced to question all of the financial decisions we make to ensure that we...

Always plan for the unexpected

Covid-19 has taught us that you should always expect the unexpected in business. Plan for it and disrupt your business before something else does. Many businesses do not even have a good website, and it...

The biggest business networking event of 2020 is back on track!

Bay wide businesses scheduled to come together. What a fantastic Bay of Plenty Business community we have. Look around, and you will notice the wide and varied types of businesses that operate in the Bay of...

Have you gone digital yet?

Safety tech for sme’s post covid-19 Bay of Plenty employers are obligated to ensure they are taking steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in addition to managing the pre COVID-19 myriad of health, safety...

Meeting the challenge of the changing world of work

An open mind and a flexible attitude are the new essentials for navigating a changing job market in a “gig economy”. Ryan + Alexander are regional recruitment specialists formed in, and focused on, the Bay...

Insuring your business recovery post lockdown

What do businesses need to know about insurance to successfully navigate the economic times ahead? Levi: It’s important for business owners to have honest and open conversations with their brokers. The more we understand about...

Business-savvy IT advice in challenging times

Covid-19 has disrupted business to such an extent that companies have had to review every detail of how they work, both so they can work during lock down and to survive the economic impact...

Unique procedure to resolve rent relief disputes

Commercial landlords are continuing to suffer the effects of the Government alert level system and restriction on the use of premises. Many businesses have seen a seen a return to normal levels of trade since...

THE MORAL OF THE STORY: Marketing first; advertising second

Marketing has always been important but Covid-19 has served to put the focus on marketing as a business activity like never before. And by this, we don’t mean which advertising method or digital channel to...

Making the most of record low interest rates

NZHL Tauranga business owner, David Hill, shares some tips on making the most of record low interest rates and chasing financial freedom faster. Think about the structure of your loan Great news interest rates are at...



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