Lexus unveils the all-new RZ450e Electric SUV

By Mitch Handcock, Lexus of Tauranga

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The automotive industry is undergoing a significant transformation with the rise of electric vehicles (BEVs), and one of the latest offerings to hit the market is the Lexus RZ450e BEV.

Mitch Handcock

As an all-new electric SUV, the RZ450e is a welcome addition to the Lexus EV line-up, boasting impressive world first features such as a steer-by-wire “yoke” steering wheel.

Recently, I had the opportunity to fly to Melbourne to view the RZ450e in person before its release in New Zealand. With a passion for vehicles, I was excited to see how Lexus had incorporated their signature style and design into this all-new model.

Seeing the RZ450e in person, I was impressed by its sleek appearance. The vehicle features a low and wide stance, giving it a strong and powerful look. The front grille is unique even for Lexus as the brand makes the transition from the “spindle grille” to the “spindle body”. While the bold styling is unapologetic, the strong character lines flow and create a head turning appearance.

The RZ450e is powered by a lithium-ion battery connected to two electric motors, delivering up to 230kW of power. With a full charge, the vehicle can travel up to 470kms on a single charge (NEDC), making it a practical option for long trips. Fast charging is a breeze as well, with 150kW DC charging possible.

And yes, it can tow up to 750kg. The interior of the RZ450e is just as impressive as its exterior, with a spacious and modern cabin that offers plenty of room for passengers and cargo.

The vehicle features a 14” touchscreen display that houses the infotainment system, which is intuitive and easy to use. The instrument cluster is also digital, providing drivers with all the information they need in a clear and concise manner.

Another feature that stood out to me was the vehicle’s safety systems. The RZ450e comes equipped with a new iteration of Lexus Safety System+, including automatic emergency braking with motorcycle detection, adaptive cruise control, panoramic camera, and blind-spot monitoring amongst many other features. These features help to make the RZ450e a safe and reliable vehicle for drivers and passengers alike.

Overall, my experience seeing the Lexus RZ450e in person was truly memorable as it represents a significant step forward for Lexus, showcasing the potential of the brand’s future electric vehicles.

With its impressive range, performance, and safety features, the RZ450e will be a great option for anyone looking to make the switch to an electric vehicle.

As the world continues to shift towards more sustainable forms of transportation, the Lexus RZ450e is a prime example of how Lexus is rising to the challenge.

If you’re curious to learn more about the all-new Lexus RZ450e, please reach out to the Lexus of Tauranga team. Be the first to experience the RZ450e for yourself, our demonstrator model is expected to arrive at our dealership in April, so register your interest today!

Visit Mitchell at Lexus of Tauranga at 158 Elizabeth Street, Tauranga – or call him on 07 577 0880.

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