UX300e puts luxury stamp on EV option

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If ever there was a brand suited to having an electric model in its stable, Lexus is the one. And it is not just because saying “electric Lexus” has such a nice ring to it.

When it comes to the Lexus UX300e this model is ideally positioned for anyone contemplating a move to the luxury marquee – it’s a step up that may come after many years spent driving one of its lower tier but ever reliable Toyota cousins.

The 150kW all electric SUV completes Lexus’s conventional and hybrid offerings, and enters the market at $79,900. That means it sneaks in to be eligible for the government’s $8625 clean car rebate , and is the brand’s first all EV vehicle in New Zealand.

That price makes the EV offering a particularly attractive one, and not only by Lexus price points, but for any EV on the market today.

Adding in the rebate brings the UX300e down to $71,275.

This is an even sharper price than the equivalent luxury hybrid model, and makes going all electric simply another reason to consider moving to a brand long regarded for its quality, reliability, and service.

Taking its time

Lexus has copped some flak for taking time to have an all-EV vehicle on the market, but like all things Lexus, good things have taken time, and have been worth the wait.

The move to EV with the UX300e has not had Lexus designers reaching for any freakishly futuristic design cues, in contrast to some competitors.

They have stuck with the design look already employed throughout the range, and it’s only badging that will have you pick the EV from non-EV 300 in the carpark.

Some would say Lexus has already made a statement with the UX300e’s look, and indeed the entire Lexus range in its latest models.

The UX300e’s interior is all you would expect from Lexus and the brands statement trapezoid grill has been worked into the exterior design. The driver is made to feel very much the centre of attention, with the dashboard, climate and screen controls all orientated towards them, giving a snug cockpit like feel to the cabin.

Efforts to make the transition to an all-EV vehicle as seamless and easy as possible resonate throughout. Startup is a conventional push button, then a click into drive as in any automatic sets the 300e on its near silent journey.

The efforts made by Lexus to isolate as much road noise as possible soon become clear at speed, with the cabin retaining a relaxingly muted atmosphere, even at high open road speeds.

Smooth and controlled

The UX300e feels smooth and controlled through corners and straight line acceleration is what it does best, even in “normal” drive mode with the options of “sport” and “economy” also on tap.

The braking system is regenerative delivering good charging opportunities when driving around town, with the option to lock the drive into constant regen mode.

Lexus has also eased any early stage jitters buyers may feel investing in an EV by including their usual four year unlimited km warranty and full service plan along with an 8 year/160,000km battery warranty.

After driving half a dozen EVs in past weeks, the UX300e is the first to tick all the boxes for ease of driving, handling, quality, and range – put most simply it is a very easy vehicle to adopt to, and having the Lexus badge up front is almost an added bonus for such a competitively price luxury EV.

To test drive a Lexus UX300e call Mike Ranstead at Lexus Tauranga today: 021 481 908

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