Collaboration is the key – Marty Grenfell

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Local government is a sector that provides 24/7 service delivery for every individual, group and business in our community. The ability to form relationships and work alongside the range of communities that make up the city is key to successful local government leadership.

Recognising the common threads and appealing to human dynamics, working together on shared goals and building credibility with the community provides Council with the social licence it needs to operate and get on with the job.

It important for leadership to create a safe and open environment that allows staff to be themselves, unleashing the ideas, innovation and skills that each of them bring to work every day. I relish the challenge of leading and developing dedicated professionals – people who are committed to delivering better outcomes for the people they serve every day.

By working alongside our community, building their trust and confidence and providing positive and memorable experiences through the services we provide, we can create a city we are all proud to call home.

The Bay of Plenty has outstanding, talented business leaders who continue to contribute to the future of the region through investing in the development of people, plant and business innovation. The region punches well above its weight in business development, growth and innovation, supported by well-established networks and leaders.

Our social, cultural, economic, technological and environmental norms are changing at an ever increasing pace and the successful businesses of the future will be those which understand, embrace and adapt to change, allowing them to capitalise on opportunities and effectively manage risks.

This goes well beyond ‘complying with legislation’ – it requires a different level of leadership to rise above and push organisations and support communities on the journey to places not currently envisaged.

Change is always difficult, particularly when the future is unclear, and a key role of leadership is to be able to gather resources, mobilise people and navigate organisations through uncharted territory with confidence and humility. Who would have thought that space travel would ever be a reality?

Fortunately, space travel isn’t high on Council’s agenda, but changing this city is. In simple terms that means creating a future for everyone, step-by-step, day-by-day.

I’m proud and privileged to be leading an organisation whose staff front-up to deliver on our vision of creating a better Tauranga, every day.

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Marty Grenfell | Chief Executive – Tauranga City Council

Marty joined Tauranga City Council in 2018, after leading Whakatane District Council for seven years.

He has nearly 40 years of public service experience, including senior roles with NZ Police and local government prior to Tauranga City.

He and his Executive team are committed to creating a high-performing organisation that understands and works alongside the community and provides decision-makers with high quality information and support.


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