By the Bay for the Bay: How 2degrees gets local for business

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When running a business, you need the support of people who know your operations and your environment. That’s why as 2degrees expands its comprehensive commercial communication solutions, they partner with local business technology experts like Elite Business Systems. The result? Information and communications technology that works for you.

That’s according to Andrew Fairgray, Chief Business Officer at 2degrees. He says the recent merger of New Zealand’s recognised ‘challenger’ mobile brand 2degrees with fixed line specialist Vocus delivers an organisation capable of doing it all – and doing it better.

But first, he starts with why. “The need for productivity tools in support of digital transformation is increasing across New Zealand. And it isn’t just the tools, but support and expertise so our business communities can improve productivity, work from anywhere, and make the most of existing and emerging technologies.”

Fairgray says the merged entity delivers a strong foundation as a ‘true scale’ competitor to the established incumbent operators. “There’s a complementary product set; there is also a complementary mindset, with both organisations built on a heritage of creating economic value for customers and the country.”

There is, however, a problem. The organisations responsible for creating technology products and solutions aren’t always the best at delivering them.

This is particularly the case for business-oriented tools and solutions; on the one hand, navigating the wide array of available products is challenging.

On the other, the competing priorities of a small or medium business owner mean decisions are often made in haste. “We’re overcoming that by being a partner around the table. That means understanding your business, while also understanding the technology which can enhance and enable efficiency specifically for you,” Fairgray explains.

The obvious question is ‘how’. After all, telecommunication providers are by necessity a ‘one to many’ operation (that’s the marvel of a $40 a month plan powered by a billion-dollar-plus network), and yet Fairgray stresses the necessity for a local presence.

“We believe the small and medium businesses which are the backbone of this country are under-served. We also believe company owners want to work with local people who are part of the community, even in a digital world,” he confirms.

The answer is partnership; in the Bay of Plenty, 2degrees partners with Elite Business Systems, which isn’t just a local operator well-versed in the connectivity and cloud solutions available from 2degrees, but also the surrounding equipment depended upon by every organisation.

Everything from IT network systems and cloud solutions, to printers, business software, and more. “The Bay has a rich diversity of businesses that want and need a dependable partner capable of providing solutions that help them be better at what they do,” says Fairgray. “Powered by 2degrees, Elite is that partner.”

He says Elite is a leading Technology Solutions Provider – a recognised brand, founded in 1988 in the Waikato, and having operated in the Bay for a quarter of a century.

With a complete suite of telecoms services in support of the region’s digital journeys, he says the combination of local people with world-class services means everyone in the Bay gets the technology needed to live, work and play wherever they choose.

“We’re powered by mobile and fixed networks, data centres, cloud professional services and information security. 2degrees offers are globally recognised for the quality of our mobile networks, which combines with Vocus’ fibre assets to provide complete solutions. Add Elite in, and the result is an ecosystem designed to deliver.”

Finally, Fairgray says that having spent 30 years in the industry, he’s never been more excited at the possibility of delivering real change in a time when businesses are crying out for productivity-enabling solutions.
“The merger of two challenger brands known for their focus on customer service really means creating value for NZ, Inc. And that’s good for us all.”

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