2degrees supported by Microsoft and Umbrellar as it Fights for Fair for Kiwi Business

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2degrees is once again Fighting for Fair for Kiwi Business, this time working with Microsoft and Umbrellar to deliver a streamlined ride to the cloud, with the launch of its new Cloud Navigator service.

The new relationship between the three organisations enables even better technology experiences for 2degrees customers, supporting the shift in the way Kiwi businesses are operating, adding another product to 2degrees’ already comprehensive business offering.

The Cloud Navigator portal, in partnership with Umbrellar, provides customers with self-service capability for managing and purchasing over 120,000 Microsoft licenses and products.

Cloud Navigator incorporates mobility, flexibility and insights says General Manager Business Product and Marketing Richard Hann.

“At 2degrees we pride ourselves on being a full-service provider of fixed and mobile communication networks, and now also provide access to these cloud services.

“We want cloud technology to be available for all Kiwi businesses from the beach, the park, or the home office. We are fighting for kiwi business’ freedom to deliver their customers the best of what they do, from wherever they want to do it.”

Users gain the ease of one account, the simplicity of one bill and the speed of one platform, plus 2degrees customer support, underpinned by Umbrellar’s cloud expertise. “This partnership with 2degrees signals a significant milestone in Umbrellar’s mission to empower all New Zealand businesses to achieve brilliant things,” says Umbrellar Head of Strategic Partnerships, Shavvah Aldred.

“NZ’s telco sector has ceaselessly remained at the forefront of digital transformation and technology sits at the core of its integrity and innovation.

“Umbrellar upholds its responsibility to promote transformation and uses its expertise to support the ongoing success of all New Zealanders. We are excited to be at the start of this journey with 2degrees, with Cloud Navigator destined to provide businesses with the tech they’ll need for tomorrow’s world.”

Matt Bostwick, Partner Director at Microsoft New Zealand says: “The cloud has increasingly become the place where business innovation happens, allowing more organisations to scale up and realise their potential with unprecedented access to new technologies.

“That’s why this partnership between Microsoft, 2degrees and Umbrellar to accelerate cloud adoption, is so important to helping New Zealand level up its competitiveness and to helping Kiwi businesses get the access to the tech they need to succeed.”

Paul Bowkett, Channel Sales Manager at Microsoft New Zealand says: “This partnership will also enable local businesses to deliver more innovation that benefits all of us. We’re excited to work alongside 2degrees and Umbrellar to make that happen”.

2degrees developments underway this year aim to continue serving 2degrees business customers in easy and simple ways, while delivering technology products and
services to help them stay connected.

“2degrees Business is excited about what we have coming up in 2022, and what this relationship will achieve for our customers as we best utilise the expertise of each organisation,” says Richard.

For more on Cloud Navigator visit the 2degrees website.

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