Productivity problems? Get a boost with 2degrees’ Digital Accelerator


Andrew Fairgray, Chief Business Officer, 2degrees
The enduring problem of New Zealand’s productivity is getting a jolt in the arm thanks to the efforts of 2degrees. The telecommunications provider has partnered with Christchurch agency Smudge to create Digital Accelerator, a programme designed to unlock the transformative power of technology. There’s a slight catch though, valued at $50,000, Digital Accelerator is being awarded to just two successful applicants.

Chief Business Officer Andrew Fairgray says these two businesses will receive ‘an intensive programme’. “Digital Accelerator will challenge, guide, and make digital transformation a reality for the selected organisations. We’re almost as excited as we expect the recipients will be, as we’ve seen the power of digital transformation directly within our own business, and in others.

“We are always looking for inspiration when we create business products, and will take any learning from Digital Accelerator and ensure they inform what we offer to NZ Inc.

Fairgray says the 2degrees Shaping Business Study (available on the 2degrees website) has consistently shown that technology holds enormous promise for productivity – but adds that too many businesses just don’t have the time, knowledge, or resources to make it a reality.

A key finding of the most recent study shows that effective use of technology aligns directly with business performance, with 76% of thriving businesses saying digital technology improves productivity; 64% of reviving businesses noting digital technology improves productivity; and 50% of surviving businesses say digital technology improves their productivity.

“There are multiple technological and connectivity aspects underpinning productivity that all organisations should focus on,” says Fairgray. “And sometimes, better productivity isn’t just about ‘doing more in one day’, it is about doing the same amount more conveniently or in reduced time, so we can focus on more important things.”

However, the Study also confirms his assertion that some businesses aren’t taking advantage of those benefits owing to a shortage of the right capabilities: 19% of business leaders said they don’t possess the digital skills to help their business get ahead.

“Harnessing technology is invaluable. But it has a catch – technology, for technology’s sake, is a recognised dead end that can complicate things or confound people. A strategic approach that starts by identifying problems and opportunities is key to a successful digital transformation, accelerating your business and making those productivity promises a reality.”

Fairgray notes that one of the most powerful forces associated with connectivity is the increased capability for collaboration. This started with the humble telephone, but today extends to video calling, remote working, information accessibility, cloud applications, and more. The enabling infrastructure is mind-boggling; 2degrees, for example, operates 4,600km of its fibre and 2,110 mobile cell sites, looking after more than 1,5 million mobile, 390,000 broadband, and 50,000 energy customers.

Fairgray says 2degrees is a proud supporter of BOP businesses. “We have five stores in the Bay, in Tauranga, Papamoa, Whakatane, and Rotorua, and we have also partnered with the experts at Somo – who are on the ground and ready to help you take your business forward.”

For more information, visit 2degrees.nz and www.somo.co.nz

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