Oliver Road: So far, so good

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Now in its fifth year of delivering a specialist service to buyers and sellers of Bay of Plenty’s most unique, high-value homes, Oliver Road has continued to refine their multiple international award-winning business model and produce results that often exceed both client and market expectations.

With almost 100 verified five-star reviews on RateMyAgent, record sale prices in suburbs across Tauranga, and an unmistakable presence in their luxury market segment, it’s no surprise that Jason Eves, Cameron Winter and the team are commonly finding themselves to be the first and only choice of their clients.

The compounding effect of focused effort, day-in, day-out over the past few years, doing everything in their capacity to deliver each client the result they hope for, is really starting to pay dividends – not only for those at the helm of Oliver Road but for all their buyers and sellers.

“Each time we politely turn down a request to list a property that sits outside our area of specialty (something that happens a number of times every week) we create space to focus on those properties that do,” says Cam. “There are only so many seats at our table, and from day one we’ve been committed to operating within a clear set of parameters and manageable capacity”.

This concept alone is one that might seem foreign to some of Oliver Road’s competitors, especially during the high-growth economy and busy property market in recent times. But “you can’t be everything to everyone”, as Jason reaffirms, “we do one thing and we do it well”.

Fortunate to have been chosen to represent some truly exceptional properties in the past year, Oliver Road has invested heavily to ensure their luxury real estate marketing platform is unrivalled in their industry.

An example of this was the decision to employ a talented photographer full-time; nurturing and supporting this individual to approach every campaign with time and space – something commonly missing for those real estate photographers with 30+ shoots to juggle every week.

Jerusha Razey, Oliver Road’s Creative Director can’t get enough of this new pace and what it means for their clients – “It’s so special being able to capture photo and video content at a beautiful property across one or more days – combining sunrise, golden-hour, twilight and more without needing to convince a client that the spend will be worth it, or having to call and postpone their booked time to catch up on a backlog of other shoots due to bad weather the week before!”

It’s clear how important Cameron believes this to be, adding “Photography is arguably the most fundamental element of any real estate campaign, so to produce anything less than the best we possibly can is inexcusable.”

Both nationally and internationally, Oliver Road’s collection of luxury real estate for sale is reaching further than ever before. Often asked by prospective clients, “Where do your buyers come from?”, a short answer would be, “Where don’t they come from?”, says Jason.

“The properties we represent are featured across more than 100 international property websites, often written about in regional and national publications, and this exposure is underpinned by each campaign reaching a highly-engaged audience of more than 2,500 active and passive buyers on our database”.

Foot firmly on the marketing accelerator, a recent exclusive agreement to showcase properties in Bay of Plenty’s hugely popular UNO Magazine is just one example of Oliver Road’s continuous improvement.

It’s fair to say that Oliver Road’s journey is “so far, so good”, but Cameron says that “to rely on one’s reputation is naïve.”

“Holding the confidence of Tauranga’s elite through such significant chapters of their lives is a privilege. But we know that we are only as good as our last sale. In an ever-changing economic landscape, with fast evolving technology, and an industry mostly content with a generic conveyor-belt approach, our sights remain firmly focused on the task at hand, then adapting and refocusing on the next, then rethinking and leveling up for the next.”

021 800 889 Cameron Winter
027 587 5509 Jason Eves
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