Xero: Getting the most out of your small business

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As a small business owner, you’re well equipped with the skills that matter in your field. But leading a business doesn’t necessarily make you an expert in every aspect of business operations.

Humans are hardwired to be wary of the unknown. But the pandemic taught many small business leaders to embrace new digital tools that helped them succeed even through the most trying circumstances.

I believe digitalisation is the single most crucial thing small businesses can do to improve their productivity. Not just for connecting with your team while working remotely but for accessing new customer lines, delivering sales, streamlining processes and countless other business practices.

During the vast challenges the past year has posed, the power of apps became more apparent than ever. We know for some small businesses, it was the technology they used that made all the difference. Now, these businesses stand more prepared to take on the challenges of the future.

Xero’s Pandemic Insights report found during the peak of Covid-19’s impact, small businesses using apps lost less revenue and suffered fewer staff losses compared to those not using apps.

Xero recently celebrated some major milestones for the Xero ecosystem, including launching the new Xero App Store and reaching over 1,000 connected apps in our ecosystem.

We’re harnessing the knowledge and smarts of app partners across the country, to make life better for people in small businesses, their advisors and communities throughout the country.

We’re proud of the community we have built and want to make a special mention to some of the app partners founded and fostered in the Bay of Plenty to support small businesses on this mission.

Infoodle – Mount Maunganui

A cloud-based community management software enabling customers to spend less time in administration and more time fulfilling their purpose.

Infoodle was built as a tool to help organisations such as churches and charities that work with people in health care, social justice, with orphans, the poor and marginalised.

Hello Club – Tauranga

Hello Club offers a modern, all-in-one cloud based club and membership management solution.

With Hello Club you can automate sign up and membership renewal, collect fees and ensure timely payments, and manage bookings and events.

TimeDock – Bay of Plenty

TimeDock is designed for ultimate simplicity in field-based time-sheet tracking, and encourages sustainable time-keeping habits for your staff.

TimeDock is portable, connected, modular and instantaneous time clocking software that works anywhere, anytime.

Xero’s beautiful cloud-based accounting software connects people with the right numbers anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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