Emerald Business Advisers guides next gen businesses to success

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As lockdowns have ended and covid restrictions lifted, Emerald Business Advisers director Valerie Rowe-Mitchell has noticed a surge in entrepreneurs keen to start their own business and determine their own career direction.

This has also seen Valerie and her team leading from the front when it comes to adapting to the expectations this emerging generation of businesspeople have about their client-accountant relationship.

“They are looking for more than just the once a year catch up about their accounts. They are seeking someone capable of being a running mate, someone who can advise and mentor, who is open to regular discussions about their business and its direction,” she says.

With a strong empathy for clients and their challenges, Valerie is helping them balance the disciplined art of running a business with a recognition that good advice can add significant value, and help reduce the stress so often inherent in owning one, particularly in its early stages. 

“You may often get away with trying to do everything for the first year, but after that, things start to catch up with you, particularly with respect to the tax side of things.”

In the past 12 months she has worked hard to expand her mentoring and advisory capability. Since lockdown she and her team have offered free webinar courses on getting the most out of Xero software, and offering seminars on mindset and attitude, all proving popular with clients and non-clients alike.

At the other end of the business lifecycle, Valerie is helping clients who are ready to exit and this often involves preparation of their business for sale.  “Prospective buyers are expecting a business to be a results producing system; they are looking for great returns on their capital and time investment”.

Valerie and her team are increasingly seeing clients make the progression from accounting and compulsory compliance to regular advisory meetings, adding value to their business and financial success. “Our clients are motivated individuals, who strive for excellence and success each and every day. We go above and beyond to empower and enable our clients, so they can reach their goals and dreams.”

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