Dale Carnegie: Transform your perspective

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It’s fair to say that 25 years ago when Tauranga business owners were asked “What is your training budget?” the answer was often a blank look, or the response, “Well I didn’t need leadership training!” says Dale Carnegie Franchisee Michael Shaw. Times have certainly changed with even many small businesses having training plans and budgets in place.

The last few years have accelerated this awareness of developing people, as it is certainly a VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) and we are seeing the effects of VUCA in our programmes. Participants are looking tired and worn down by the constant change and resource constraints. They are, however, thirsty for tools and skills to help them with their people challenges and stress.

Locally, Dale Carnegie BOP Waikato provide a complete leadership development framework from new supervisors through to senior leaders that is delivered via public programmes and in-company projects using a mixture of in-person and live-online delivery.

When people arrive in our programmes, we give them a safe place to step out of their stressful environment and take stock. Being in a group environment is powerful as participants realise others have the same challenges and that they have more abilities than they realise.

Learning interpersonal skills enables them to reconnect with their team members. As they implement the gained cooperation and leadership skills, they realise they don’t have to do it all themselves and productivity leaps forward. They eagerly learn and apply the worry and stress, problem solving, and conflict resolutions skills giving them a new mindset on what they can cope with and achieve going forward.

Dale Carnegie is a global training company operating in 90 countries, helping people take command of their work and lives. Michael and Andrea Shaw have run the Bay of Plenty Waikato franchise since 1997.

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“The Dale Carnegie Course has allowed me to enhance my people skills and self-confidence which I feel will be invaluable as I continue to grow as a leader. Thank you very much for running such an amazing course, the principles I have learned will stay with me for the rest of my life.”

– William Fisher, Product Development Team Leader Oasis Engineering (May 2022)

“At Trimax Mowing Systems we recognise that the development of our people and investment in our global teams are integral to our business success. Dale Carnegie training has been the cornerstone of our training programmes since the early 2000’s and has given our staff the tools and principles to thrive in today’s business environment.”

– Michael Sievwright, CEO Trimax Mowing Systems

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