PMG funds – The future of financial literacy and commercial property

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NZ Inc finds itself facing lofty challenges. We have a housing market that has seemingly lost all common sense, an ever-growing gap between the haves and the have-nots, and financial literacy is lacking for some people in terms of understanding what is needed to achieve a financially balanced and sustainable lifestyle.

Add that to the economic impacts of Covid-19, low interest rates, tightening Government residential legislation, and the urgent matter of global warming, you could perceive things to be bleak. It’s times like these that businesses, like PMG, need to leverage against their successes, help harness the power of our communities and make meaningful differences. That’s certainly our focus for 2021 and beyond.

PMG Charitable Trust

CEO & Director at PMG

As a responsible and trusted property funds manager, we believe PMG has a role to play in helping address financial literacy gaps in New Zealand. For this reason, PMG has established the PMG Charitable Trust. The Trust is specifically focused on enhancing the financial literacy of young New Zealanders, including adults who may not have otherwise had the opportunity to receive financial education and support.

The Trust will work with existing, high-impact providers of financial literacy programmes, and design bespoke education programmes for charitable organisations to use with the support of the PMG team on delivery.

As a team, PMG is deeply passionate about making a difference in the lives of the next generation. But we cannot do it alone. We need the help of our friends, family, clients, tenants, partners, and all those we work with to make this a reality.

You can help us provide young New Zealanders with the skills to build a better financial future for themselves and their families, and teach them how to manage money effectively through New Zealand’s, and the world’s, growing debt levels and the ‘great wealth transfer’. Feel free to contact us today to learn more.

One of PMG’s properties with the BMS System – 65B Main Highway, Ellerslie, Auckland

Environmental, Social and Governance

When looking to the future of our business, we must also pay attention to the foundations of what we trade in – commercial property assets. Dealing in land, bricks and mortar means we have a responsibility to closely monitor the environmental impact of each building we own and manage.

PMG is doing its part to drive change in this space, closely monitoring Government requirements, and the increasing desire for NABERSNZ rated buildings, which is a voluntary tool to rate the carbon performance of New Zealand commercial properties.

To meet these new requirements, we are considering everything from rain harvesting systems to electric vehicle charging stations and solar panels.

We believe all these steps are imperative to manage our portfolio efficiently and reduce our environmental footprint.

Our goal this year is to be a pioneer in the space. To do so, PMG has implemented a building management system (BMS) in a selected number of properties, which links to a centralised platform, enabling us to monitor the energy being used across electricity, water, natural gas, waste and recycling.

Consequently, this helps reduce maintenance, operating costs and the building’s carbon footprint. Implementing a BMS system enhances PMG’s commitment to environmental sustainability and appeals to the conscious-minded investor looking for greener investments.

I believe there is a growing importance and obligation for companies to pursue how they can give back to their communities.

We can no longer operate with the sole aim of making profits if it is at the expense of the environment and society. Everything must work in harmony and it simply makes good business sense.


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Scott McKenzie
Scott McKenzie
Scott McKenzie, CEO & Director at PMG

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