Kānuka Wellbeing & Leadership

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Wellbeing and leadership strategies that support individual growth and organisational prosperity.

Based in the Bay, we coach boards, directors, senior leaders and frontline managers across Waikato, BOP and Christchurch, to create environments that facilitate positive development, cultural health, social good and growth in results. Our philosophy is to build deep connections and long-term commitment to leadership growth and organisational productivity.

Typically, our clients are doing really well and want to go to the next level; some are also experiencing challenges, which are restricting their organisational development. Our unique NZ model enables leaders and teams to be highly vulnerable, speak the unspoken, get real on where ‘it’ is at and address the obstacles which stand in the way of improved performance.

Kānuka’s directors, Wiremu Matthews and Steve Hersey, are each specifically qualified in their areas of wellness and leadership. They are both passionate about what they do and – to quote a client – ‘the guys climbed into our heads, sorted things out and climbed back out’.

Kānuka Wellbeing and Leadership also provide services and programmes that are registered with the Management Capability Development Fund. Talk to us directly or connect with your local Regional Business Partner representative.

Would your organisation benefit from these services?

Staying Well

  • Mental/Emotional Wellbeing Programme
  • 15:3:1 Personal Wellbeing System
  • Organisational Wellbeing Strategy
  • Psychological Safety
  • Proactive and Holistic Team Wellbeing
  • 1:1 Executive Coaching

Maximise Team Performance

  • Team Culture Design
  • Trust, Vulnerability, Belonging
  • Cultural Awareness Programmes
  • Building People, Productivity, Performance
  • Internal Coaching System
  • Team/Group Coaching

Perform Under Pressure

  • Recovery and Rejuvenation Programme
  • Strategic Thinking System
  • Unique Ability Focus
  • Navigate Stress/Growth Cycles
  • Value Creation and Innovation
  • Measure What Matters
021 348 776 – wiremu
027 579 9009 – Steve
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