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For Valerie Rowe-Mitchell’s clients at Emerald Business Advisors, getting feedback throughout the year on how their business is performing is something of a departure from the usual client-accountant relationship.

So often relegated to a once a year catch up on the books, Valerie appreciates that often the accountant-client relationship can be one-off and transactional. “So when I set up Emerald I wanted to establish on-going, constructive relationships with my clients. I wanted to ensure they feel comfortable contacting me any time throughout the financial year, even if just for a quick bit of advice,” says Valerie.

With a lifetime’s accounting and business experience behind her, she established Emerald early last year, shortly before the country went into lockdown.

What appeared to be the worst of times to start a new business soon proved the best. “People were experiencing a lot of uncertainty, a new world really for business, and we were able to provide assurance, expertise and insights to help them navigate that tough, stressful time.”

Today that range of advice continues, with clients able to call on Valerie to discuss all aspects of business, and tap into resources including seminars and workshops on specific areas of business.

Emerald clients can pay monthly instalments tailored to their businesses’ needs, providing as much or as little on-going advice and accounting services as they may need.

This ensures a “no surprises” approach to help them budget for financial services. It also ensures they feel comfortable contacting Valerie as a valued advisor when contemplating business decisions throughout the course of the year.

Valerie’s extensive experience both in her Russian homeland and for 20 years here in New Zealand as an accountant have given her broad insights to a wide range of businesses, software systems and industries.

“We are working particularly hard to help clients build their level of financial literacy, and understanding cash flow is so critical now. From there we can work with them to build real wealth into their business. It is a real pleasure to be able to work alongside our clients, seeing them grow personally, and professionally, achieving their goals, and often stretching beyond them.”

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