People centric agile leadership – Graham Walshe

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A people centric agile leader understands that people buy from people and in a market of rapid change the need for agility to adapt and transform to the needs of customers and employees is vital.

The most successful people centric leaders will focus their entire attention on the real reason for their being, – the customer, and the single most important driver will be the leader’s ability to ensure customers become advocates. They do not measure success against competitors but instead concentrate all efforts on exceeding customers’ needs and expectations and measure success against this.

People centric leaders will recognise that the number one asset in the business is their people, each individual employee who are valued recognised rewarded and empowered.

Employees who embrace a clear vision, mission and core values that reflect the very essence of the business and its focus on people. Employees want to know their roles and importantly how their efforts contribute to the business fulfilling its purpose.

Customers and employees are critically examining businesses and choosing them for their sustainability not only economically in terms of profit but their contribution to society and the environment. Customers and employees want authenticity, an ethical pathway for the business through the leadership to meet these goals and be able to align their own goals to see them met.

The people centric agile Leader will embrace the Technology (ICT) revolution as the biggest enabler for transformation where the greatest certainty is the new paradigm of uncertainty. Leaders recognise the need to be agile and collaborative responding to this exciting, changing environment where use of digital and e-commerce platforms speak directly to their customers and employees. Emerging Global trends prior to Covid have accelerated with stronger work life emphasis and balance and WFH(work from home) and LFH (Learn from home) mandated by this.

The people centric agile leader will not just look at providing what they are required to do by the very good legislative laws that make and hold them accountable. These Leaders will go the extra mile for their customers and employees recognising that there are no traffic jams there and they will be rewarded for this with brand loyalty and long service.

Significant opportunities exist in the Digital transformation, e-commerce-web design-people to people 1×1 marketing through social media, training and distance learning and many others.

To be able to build business around sustainable economic social and environmental platforms will open the business out to growth opportunities that are rapidly expanding.

The fastest growing group of socially responsible investors are people looking for companies like this so without being cynical – it is great for business all round.

Graham Walshe Executive Chairman FNZIM

40 years as Chairman Brother NZ and Pacific, 13 years Brother Group Leader for Corporate/Marketing Asia Pacific Middle East Africa, 11 years Deputy Chair Of PCF. Brother NZ team has won numerous Brother Global President awards for Management -Marketing.

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