Create a positive space – Scott Hamilton

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Creating a positive space enables employees to flourish both as contributors to the business and as individuals.

What does it take to be an exceptional business leader?

In today’s world, leaders need to lift their game in how they are connecting with, and looking after, their people. People expect more from their employer than ever before.

With such a nation-wide labour shortage, leaders across all parts of an organisation must be aware of the need to engage and connect, creating a future for employees they want to be a part of. Connection and alignment through carefully created people strategies is vital.

All business leaders need to understand what drives their employees (the why) in order to understand the what and the how. Create a positive space for employees to flourish both as contributors to the business, as well as individuals. Take time out to celebrate successes and milestones.

What tips do you have for other BOP business leaders?

Covid initially made us all look inwards within our organisations and potentially restructure to ensure the business and its people would succeed.

Take some time now to focus on new external opportunities, growth and productivity benefits, to allow our region to grow and remain attractive.

What are the big opportunities you see for new business growth?

The Bay has a strong backbone of capital for investment through its local financial eco system, the strength of the Maori economy and investment vehicles like Quayside.

However, as a region we are highly reliant on the primary sector and logistics via the Port of Tauranga.

Quayside’s industrial-style Business Park at Rangiuru is an exciting opportunity for the Bay of Plenty region, attracting more industry to our region with 148 hectares of land on offer.

Such development helps our region diversify beyond being port-centric, to embracing new industries that make us more resilient to change, including adding value through secondary processing of our primary industry strength.

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Scott Hamilton | Chief Executive – Quayside Holdings Ltd

Emerging from the investment and banking world, Scott Hamilton has led Quayside Holdings for over 10 years with a clear sense of strategy, opportunity, and innovation.

Scott is an active member of his community, both through his role as Chief Executive as well as serving on a variety of Boards.

Scott believes leadership and culture are vital in creating a high performing team.

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