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Tabak Business Sales celebrates 20 years

Tabak Business Sales recently celebrated its 20th year of business brokering with an anniversary function at the Tauranga Club. Invited guests included many accountants, lawyers,...

IP strategy and portfolio management during a crisis

The shock of COVID-19 to the business community has been sharp and severe. The lockdown in New Zealand has challenged all businesses, and the...

We need to help business lead the recovery

I think there’s been remarkable collective discipline through the lockdown. New Zealanders by and large saw what was happening overseas, and thought, “we’ll put our best foot forward” and they did.

Time to crack on with infrastructure

In early February, when I was asked to speak at the 2020 City Leaders Lunch, COVID-19 wasn’t on many people’s radar.

Kiwifruit season progressing well

New Zealand’s kiwifruit industry is known for its collaboration and amidst the uncertainty of COVID-19, this season’s efforts have been no different.

How to adapt to remote working

There are many corporates who have already rolled out working from home programmes and these should have support mechanisms in place. While it is...

Pre-COVID-19 TABAK Business Sales 20th Anniversary networking event

Photos from the pre-COVID-19 TABAK Business Sales 20th Anniversary networking event at the Tauranga Club. All photos courtesy of UNO Magazine.

Resilience and recovery

A snapshot of where the Bay business community is at, with thanks to the Tauranga Chamber of Commerce for its insights. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern...

Is now a crazy time to be considering buying or selling a business?

Many people think that the answer to this question is obvious, however it’s not quite as simple and straight forward as some may perceive. Yes,...

Keep staff communication open

As we head out of Alert Level 4 and into Level 3, I reflect on the past month. I know that the experiences and...

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If you don’t manage expectations, they will manage you

In the more than 100 disputes tribunal hearings that I have been involved in as a support person for my clients, a huge number...

Acorn Foundation distributions increase 50% this year

The Acorn Foundation recently announced a record $1.75M in distributions for the past year, up more than 50% over the previous year. With the Acorn...

What you need to do to get bank funding

In order to get funding from them to buy a business, there are three key areas that come into it: the equity you will...

How franchisors earn their keep, and their franchisee’s respect

There are a number of traditional reasons why the pundits such as myself spruik the virtues of franchising versus a stand-alone or independent business...

Acorn’s financial self-sufficiency means more money for local charities

The significant growth in Acorn Foundation distributions over the past year to more than $1.7 million has been driven primarily by the resettlements of...