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I recently had a client ask if we had a programme I could recommend for a person who was struggling with decisive decision making. The answer was yes but the recommended choice of programme depends very much on the person, their experience, and reasons for non-performance in that area.

The reasons for non-performance:

  1. Not knowing what to do (lack of clarity on job requirements from job description or their immediate manager)
  2. Not knowing how to do it (lack of training in the task)
  3. Not believing they can do it (due to lack of self-confidence)
  4. Not knowing why they should do it (understand 1,2, & 3 but assign it a low priority)
  5. Not wanting to do it (due to some unknown barrier or blocker i.e. fear of responsibility or consequences)

To establish the root cause of non-performance requires a discussion with their immediate manager or others in the leadership team and a meeting with the person to identify the reasons for non-performance.

Possible solutions:

  1. Step Up to Leadership – this covers #2 & #3 and is a one-day seminar for those new to leadership or considering stepping up to a leadership role. This provides these people with potential basic tools and the confidence that they can develop a career as a leader.
  2. The Dale Carnegie Course – this covers #2, #3 and possibly #5. This is our most popular programme deal for leaders at any level team-leader to CEO with over 9million graduates globally. This transformational training boosts confidence and self-belief, creates a vision for the future, provides foundational tools and processes to lead and manage.
  3. Develop Your Leadership Potential – covers mainly #4 & #5 and is ideal for mid-level leaders. The programme is competency-based, uncovering blind spots through a competency assessment, identifying strengths and shortfalls and development of a leadership impact plan. This is a deep dive into what it is to be a leader, how to assign tasks and coach people through the learning curve to successful work outcomes.
  4. Leadership Training for Results – covers #2, #4 & #5. The training is ideal for senior or department leaders. The training is competency-based and provides strong tools on management as well as leadership at a senior level. The training includes a competency assessment, leadership impact plan, innovation project & Performance Results Description project (clarifies responsibilities & priorities). The training uses the Working Together management system fine-tuned by Allan Mullaly during his time saving Boeing after 911 and Ford after the GFC.

Our training drives emotional change through unique coaching in the moment in group environments. We are the only training company offering international best practices and ISO 9001:2015 certification for product and trainer development.

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