Leveraging digital tools

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A master of many tools, Alicia Beach has maximised her Instagram as the platform to sell her paintings. Although this could easily be a successful full time job, two months ago Beech launched Aura Digital to help other creatives and small businesses also achieve their goals and create income with what they do.

First connected with Venture Centre through her role at Creative Bay of Plenty (where she was marketing lead), Beech is excited to continue partnering with their work in equipping entrepreneurs on their journey.

As a Digital Marketing consultant, Beech coaches people to leverage social media and digital marketing with tools such as Canva, Instagram and email marketing.

“Aura Digital’s mission is to inspire and empower people to use digital tools, platforms and apps to achieve their goals and create opportunities for themselves,” she said. “I love watching people thrive, especially when it’s as easy as giving a few tips and tricks to get the ball rolling.”

Painting, alone in her “bat cave”, without any inhibitions is Alicia’s happy place.  “It’s what I need to be doing. But if it’s all I did, I would probably lose touch with the outside world and reality (laughs). Aura Digital means I get to pass on what I’ve learnt.”

Digital savviness

Beech’s savviness with digital tools – especially Instagram – means she is consistently pre-booked out for her art.  She shares that one of Instagram’s biggest advantages is that it opens you up to the world, widening your potential customer base. No longer are you limited by being a local business.

“Instagram allows my main market to be in Australia. Just this morning I sold a painting to someone in Perth.”

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