Embracing change – the environmentally friendly way

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Architect Mark Wassung, Richard Drummond MD KiwiBus Tauriko West and Max Lewis, have combined to create a mode of transport which will reinforce the city’s commitment to endorsing and promoting decarbonisation.

The 23 seat electric shuttle bus is an innovative transformative approach to transport which will revolutionise the way Tauranga citizens move around the city. It will be a fast, frequent and nimble, smaller, lighter vehicle which will do less damage to roads and kerbs. Futuristic looking, bold and brightly coloured, combined with highly accessible open plan design, will afford every person the opportunity to both explore and reach their destinations.

The smaller bus will be far more economical in the ability to access suburban areas, encouraging cyclists, people in wheelchairs, parents with prams and even mobility scooters to change their mode of transport.

The addition of CCTV cameras and high impact acrylic screens to protect both the driver and passengers will enhance safety, reduce vandalism, making this option of transport highly desirable.

This progressive concept will promote local manufacture and business, allowing Tauranga to become a leader in innovative thinking.

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