Business confidence in Rotorua soars by nearly 50% – promising trend revealed

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RotoruaNZ, in collaboration with the Rotorua Business Chamber, has released the fourth Rotorua Business Pulse Survey results, highlighting the evolving sentiments of Rotorua’s business leaders.

The latest survey reveals a significant upswing in forward-looking business confidence, with an impressive increase of nearly 50% compared with the April survey findings. This surge in confidence reflects Rotorua’s resilience and adaptability, showcasing a positive trajectory for the local business community.

The Rotorua Business Pulse initiative continues to serve as a key barometer for assessing the health of the local economy, providing a valuable platform for business leaders to convey their insights. The most recent survey, conducted from October 18th to November 5th, saw active participation from 108 Rotorua-based businesses, contributing to the dataset underpinning these findings.

Andrew Wilson, Chief Executive of Rotorua NZ, said “the findings from this survey reaffirm Rotorua’s potential as a thriving place to do business. This surge in confidence reflects the resilience of our local businesses and their readiness to embrace opportunities in an ever-evolving economic landscape.”

Bryce Heard, Chief Executive of the Rotorua Chamber, echoed these sentiments, saying, “The survey results are a testament to the collaborative spirit of our business community and its ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Rotorua is poised for growth and prosperity, and this renewed confidence is a clear indication of that.”

As part of this initiative, a comprehensive dashboard has been developed to provide a user-friendly platform for stakeholders to access and analyse the survey data. This resource will help community leaders, businesses, and policymakers make informed decisions and monitor Rotorua’s economic pulse.

Notable trends highlighted in the survey include an optimistic outlook for the next year, likely driven by factors such as recent government changes, a heightened focus on reputation rebuilding for talent attraction, increased infrastructure investment, and a significant uptick in the adoption of AI technology by local businesses, with a growth rate of over 50%.

These positive findings underscore Rotorua’s resilience and potential for growth, setting the stage for a prosperous future for the local business community.

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