AN OPEN LETTER: Concerns about the sustainability of your corporate fleet

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Dear Business Owners and Decision Makers,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing on behalf of the car sharing industry, dedicated to promoting sustainable transportation solutions. We have the privilege of working with many organisations as part of our corporate car sharing initiative. While we greatly value our partnerships, we feel it is our responsibility to address some pressing concerns regarding the sustainability of your continued use of dedicated corporate fleets.

In recent years, the global community has become acutely aware of the environmental and social challenges posed by climate change and excessive consumption of natural resources.

As a result, sustainable practices and responsible resource management have become central to modern corporate responsibility. We believe it is crucial to align our actions with these principles and collectively address the pressing sustainability concerns in corporate fleet management.

Our concerns stem from several key areas –

Underutilisation of vehicles: A substantial portion of your corporate fleet remains underutilised, leading to unnecessary resource consumption and emissions. These vehicles often sit idle for extended periods, contributing to both environmental and financial waste.

Lack of electric and hybrid vehicles: In an era where electric and hybrid vehicles are readily available, the absence of such sustainable options in your fleet is concerning. These eco-friendly alternatives could significantly reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint.

Long-term sustainability goals: We believe it is essential for your organisation to establish clear and ambitious sustainability goals for your corporate fleet, including targets for emissions reduction, vehicle electrification, and resource reduction and optimisation.

We understand that transitioning to a more sustainable fleet management approach may involve initial investments and operational adjustments. However, we firmly believe that such efforts align with your corporate social responsibility commitments and demonstrate a proactive response to growing sustainability concerns.

We are happy to collaborate with you in exploring sustainable alternatives for your corporate fleet. Our car sharing service offers a wide range of environmentally friendly EVs as well as flexible solutions for optimising fleet utilisation.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to working together to create a more sustainable and responsible corporate fleet management strategy.

Yours faithfully,
Steven Vincent
Founder, GoTo Car Share

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Steven Vincent
Steven Vincent
Steven Vincent is the founder of GoTo Car Share. He can be reached on steven@goto.nz

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