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Trimax Mowing Systems has been developing commercial mowing solutions since the 1980s. From humble beginnings in Tauranga, to a global manufacturer, Trimax has facilities in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, and United States.

Larissa Hodgson, Trimax Customer Engagement Manager, heads the global marketing teams, sales operations, service strategy and product innovation pipeline.

“We have a wide definition of product innovation. We define our product as the overall experience that our company provides. We’re one of the highest priced manufacturers in the global industry, so not only do our physical products have to perform, but our service and every engagement with customers’ needs to exceed expectations.”

Trimax has a mixed sales model, selling both directly to customers and distributing through a global retail network of tractor dealerships.

“We made the decision a few years ago to create direct engagement channels, no matter the sales channel. Our founder was out in the field every day with customers, you could see how much value customers placed on this.”

The Trimax team have spent the last few years creating processes which they systemized and scaled to provide improvement at every possible customer touchpoint.

“There’s been a lot of investment in customer resources and platforms, especially to support the thousands of machines out operating in the field every day – apps, e-commerce stores, CRMs and marketing systems that seamlessly integrate with F&O, service programs, troubleshooting and diagnostics, as well as global training.”

Trimax’s direct engagement strategy has increased lead generation and grown aftersales parts revenue which is on track to become the company’s largest revenue stream.

Most importantly it’s provided a customer service model which has created a real advantage that cannot be quickly or easily replicated by competitors.

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