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Log rules not welcome

Forestry minister Shane Jones’ desire to regulate log exporters and forestry advisors has the industry wary about the risk of greater intervention in the...

Gallery update

Shortly after Tauranga Art Gallery’s jubilant hosting of the 2020 Miles Art Award, Covid-19 forced the vibrant central city hub to close. At Level...

How technology can help make working remotely easier

Has staying connected ever been as important as it has over the past couple of months? Entertain the thought of what the lockdown would...

Targeted marketing critical during pandemic

Most business owners appreciate the benefits of being targeted with marketing campaigns. But during the global COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to reach out to...

Know what purpose your technology serves

You don’t have to be too much of a salty seadog to know that if you’re heading into uncharted waters, with a forecast for...

Buying tips for uncertain times

Sometimes the best way to talk about how to do something well is to start with how not to do it. Here are a...

Workplace COVID-19 predictions

Occupiers are looking for the workplace to create this social fabric. The workplace is the glue. Covid-19 has simply been a catalyst to take us “back to the future”. Many of the innovations we will see shouldn’t come as a surprise.

A Darwinist look at the future of franchising

The world has changed. We are not talking summer to winter, we are talking ice age. In fact, I would suggest that while we...

Vanessa Laval-Glad: Back in Business project

For obvious reasons, we aren’t able to run our usual page of networking business people, so instead are featuring a number of pictures from...

Pandemic infects the global economy

COVID-19 has undoubtedly been the most dramatic “black swan” or unexpected shock since the 9/11 terrorist attack. The threat has rapidly shifted from an outbreak in China, where the principal economic concern was the impact of Chinese manufacturer shutdowns on the rest of the world, to a global pandemic.

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