PMG remains robust and resilient

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Since 1992, our diversified commercial property funds have delivered regular and reliable cash returns to investors through multiple economic cycles. PMG’s strategy has always been to offer defensive investments diversified by geography, tenant and business sector. In times like these, our approach has proven to be the right one.

With over $750 million worth of assets under management across our five unlisted commercial property funds, PMG is known for being one of the country’s most trusted and established property funds managers.

Our most recent offer saw PMG Generation Fund (the Fund) acquire the high-profile Bethlehem Town Centre here in Tauranga, and we welcomed more than 2000 new investors on board. The centre is underpinned by notable national and multi-national tenants, some of which are classed as essential services or were able to operate at Level 3.

This brought the total portfolio value to $166.1 million*, which comprises five commercial properties located within main metro centres across New Zealand.

“When we launched PMG Generation Fund in 2020, the aim was to help more New Zealanders gain access to the benefits of investing in commercial property, providing regular income and the opportunity for good capital growth on their investment,” PMG Chairman Denis McMahon said. “This latest offer has certainly achieved this.”

Not only does the Fund offer a low minimum entry point, but PMG’s Reinvestment Plan also allows investors to reinvest their distributions from any of PMG’s funds into units in PMG Generation Fund (subject to availability) – allowing investors to reap the rewards of compounding returns. PMG’s online Compounding Calculator helps investors see just how their money could be working harder for them.

While PMG and our funds are not immune to economic headwinds, our investors’ investments and our properties are in experienced hands. We have complete confidence that all our funds are well placed to thrive in these uncertain times.

If you are looking for regular and reliable income from a historically robust and resilient asset class, get in touch with your local PMG Investor Relationships Manager today by visiting www.pmgfunds.co.nz.

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*The Product Disclosure Statement for this closed offer can still be found on the PMG website. Property valuations stated as per the value of the most recent independent valuation report held by the Fund per property as at the date of the PDS.

Past performance is not an indication of future performance. Prospective investors are recommended to seek professional advice from a Financial Advice Provider who take into account an investor’s personal circumstances. PMG, and members of the PMG Investor Relationships Team, do not provide advice.

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