Taming the Culture: Josh Turner

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Josh Turner is a pioneer of the future of work. He’s an expert in unlocking individual’s strengths and increasing team performance. But is it REALLY possible for any business to create a winning culture?Josh reveals the secrets behind moving past empty motivational phrases, and delivering true financial and wellbeing success. He holds nothing back as he tells us why organisations need to tame the ferrets of ‘head’, ‘heart’ and ‘hustle’ to thrive in the workplace of the future.

A word of warning though, some of what Josh says might shock you…Because extraordinary results call for extraordinary actions…————–Taming the Ferrets is produced by WTF! Productions and presented by Freddie Bennett, an ‘Anti-marketing’ entrepreneur, bestselling author and Guinness World Record holder.

Interested in starting your own podcast? It’s easier than you think. Find out more at https://wtfproductions.nz/ See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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