Nick Davies & Jake Saathof


Jake Saathof – Regional Manager, Bay Of Plenty, Cheal. Nick Davie -Director, Cheal.
At Cheal we welcome, encourage, and celebrate the growth of our people. This in turn drives changes to our leadership.

Cheal Consultants Limited purchased Canmap Hawley in 2014. Shortly after Nick Davies was appointed the Bay of Plenty Regional Manager based in Rotorua. During Nick’s tenure as Regional Manager he added significant value to the company through growing the capability and capacity of his staff.

Personally, he gets a kick from seeing professionals take opportunities presented to them as they journey through their careers. His knowledge and leadership style were something Cheal was eager to leverage.

As of April 2023, Nick will move into the position of director where his skills and expertise will help guide the company into the future. With Nick’s career steaming ahead, an opening was created for a new Regional Manager in Rotorua. In filling this space, it made sense for Cheal to stick with the recipe they knew, growing and nurturing their own people.

Cheal is pleased to announce Jake Saathof as the new Bay of Plenty Regional Manager. Jake is a keen and engaging civil engineer and valued team member. Jake’s strong work ethic and encouraging leadership style are why he was a clear choice to step into the Regional Manager role.

Jake’s journey with Cheal started in 2018 when he took a civil engineering position. In 2020 he was given the opportunity to take on the mantle of Rotorua Engineering Manager and in late October 2022 that of Bay of Plenty Regional Manager. Since accepting his latest role, he has led from the front. He prioritises his team and clients, knowing these are the keys to success. You could say Jake runs a ‘tight ship’ but not in the way you might assume. He gives clear directives with the confidence that his team can provide a high level of client satisfaction without the need for micromanagement.

As a Chartered Civil Engineer and the Bay of Plenty Regional Manager, Jake’s ability to cross between the two roles is dynamic, from muddy work boots to pressed dress shirt. Jake regularly makes himself available on-site to collaborate with contractors, maintains frequent one on one meeting time with his team members to ensure they are achieving their goals and makes it a priority to maintain regular face to face contact with clients.

Jake and Nick’s respective promotions have not happened by chance. Cheal believes in nurturing and developing future leaders. A process that is well thought through and broken down into actionable steps. They operate a high trust employment model where staff are given maximum flexibility and autonomy to do their best work in a dynamic team.

We welcome you to get in touch. Cheal is here to make your project run smoothly. And with Jake and Nick at the helm you can guarantee a high level of personalised professionalism.

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