Tauranga City Council

Rising to the climate change challenge

As a growing coastal city, Tauranga Moana has to be ready to face the significant impacts climate change will bring. Rising to this challenge requires a commitment by countries, communities and individuals to move towards a low-carbon future that is both sustainable and inclusive.

To ensure our city continues to be a great place to live, work, learn and play in the decades to come, Tauranga City Council is working with a variety of partners on a Climate Action and Investment Plan (“Climate Plan”) – the first of its kind for the city. Tangata whenua, neighbouring councils, businesses, and the wider community have all played a critical role in shaping the collective climate goals set out in the plan.

“Tauranga is already experiencing more extreme weather events, longer drought periods, warmer temperatures, and rising sea levels,” says Commission Chair Anne Tolley. “Our Climate Plan helps us understand our risks and identifies the best course of action for our city to address those risks.”

The Climate Plan is currently in a working draft format and will be finalised in August this year once community feedback has helped to prioritise the proposed actions.

“The role of our business community is essential in achieving the Climate Plan’s aspirations. Whether it be investing in clean energy, retrofitting a building so it’s more energy-efficient, decarbonising supply chains, shifting to electric vehicle fleets, introducing staff incentives to use public transport, restoring local ecosystems or reducing waste, we can all help shape a better future,” Anne says.

Tauranga City Council is already undertaking work to manage the effects of Tauranga’s climate-impacted future through the design of our urban spaces and delivery of essential community services. The Climate Plan expands on this through things like our infrastructure resilience work, where we ensure potential natural hazards and climate risks for Tauranga’s transport and water systems are well understood and mapped.

Community engagement in developing the Climate Plan included multiple sessions with iwi and hapū through Te Rangapū Mana Whenua o Tauranga Moana Partnership. Tauranga City Council also consulted with young people, who shared what climate action they hope to see in their city and emphasised that the decisions made today – or not made – will impact on all future generations.

“The diverse communities who call Tauranga home have told us that their vision for the city is one where we prioritise nature, fuel possibility, and lift each other up – a place that lives up to its name as a place of safe anchorage of wellbeing. The Council is committed to realising this vision, and the Climate Plan is pivotal in getting us there.”

“It’s vital for our community that we carry out this work now, as investment in the six key areas of the Climate Plan will help address climate change impacts in the short and long term,” Anne Tolley concludes.

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