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As we make strides in our conscious effort to live and work in a more sustainable world, we also look to the actions of local businesses to see if our actions are being matched. To keep pace with these changes, businesses need to evolve and take note of the expectations of their customers, other businesses, and the wider ecosystem.

Matt Cowley

It’s also an opportunity to respond with new approaches and solutions, which can have positive effects on a business, and inspire others to lead change in a similar way. A focus on sustainability brings far-reaching benefits to a business, that extend beyond a simple sustainability message.

Top of mind for all businesses right now is budget. There may be a misconception among some that sustainability comes with a higher price tag, but in truth operating in a more sustainable way can bring significant cost reductions and efficiencies. Reducing waste often brings lower operational expenses, freeing up budget and time for higher-value activities.

There’s also the option to embrace ethical sourcing, reducing the carbon footprint a business leaves, by seeking local suppliers and providers.

This is a proven story and environmental ethos that resonates with customers – increasing loyalty and brand appreciation, and providing your business with an opportunity to differentiate in what’s often a crowded market.

But it’s not only customers who are growing an environmental awareness; potential employees are also mindful of the ethos of businesses they are looking to join.

In addition to talent attraction, purpose-driven work is important to current employees too, so an ongoing commitment to sustainable practices can enhance staff loyalty and retention.

Perhaps most importantly, a wider environmental and societal awareness shows that a business has a commitment to future-proofing – not only the business itself, but also its customers, and the environment they operate in.

The role of Tauranga Business Chamber is to champion businesses in the Western Bay of Plenty region. The Chamber provides a channel for members to not only to connect and share their business story, but also to share their expertise with other members and the wider business community. There’s also business support to set up and build success at every stage of the business journey.

CEO, Matt Cowley, says “part of being passionate about the future of business in the region is championing those businesses who are making a difference in a sustainable way”.

“Taking the Chamber and other Chamber members on the sustainability journey benefits everyone.”

The Chamber’s website hosts a collection of articles which share how businesses from different backgrounds are approaching their sustainability journey, either as the focus of the business itself, or as part of systems and processes.

The Chamber’s events are another channel for a business to connect with the local community and highlight their environmental work. Either by joining in conversations with like-minded businesspeople at the regular events, or hosting an event and sharing a more detailed insight into a business’s story and its impact on the local community.

Matt says the Chamber is here to support members at all stages of their business journey, and to foster opportunities for members to learn from each other in their sustainability efforts.




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