Wellbeing & Leadership

Wiremu and Steve

“In order to better manaaki others at home or at work, you must first be a good kaitiaki of yourself.” – Wiremu Matthews, Kaiwhakahaere, Kānuka Wellbeing and Leadership

At Kānuka Wellbeing and Leadership we strongly believe that effective and sustainable practices in wellbeing, are built from the inside-out.

Firstly, let’s acknowledge that ultimately every individual is responsible for their own wellbeing and health practices. Employers can play a big role in encouraging and giving access to wellbeing practices that benefit both the individual and the organisation.

Workplaces that cultivate a safe environment for deep and nurturing whanaungatanga within its culture, combined with a commitment to collaboration, see performance, productivity, and wellbeing all improve.
An effective and sustainable wellbeing culture should be an integrated part of your business model – essentially the human component of business practice.

You can begin with an initial assessment of your existing practice by asking:

  • What do I notice about how it feels to be at work?
  • What do I notice about how we engage as a team?
  • When and how often do we really communicate with our team?
  • What am I noticing about how teams communicate with leaders?
  • How do we acknowledge life and whānau, outside of the workplace?

These initial questions can build a profile of the team culture and experience that exists – and will also highlight the areas that can be worked on.

Our programmes begin with personal leadership and wellbeing principles and build on these concepts as we work through whānau, team and organisational practices that support both wellbeing and leadership.

If you’d like to learn more about our services please feel free to reach out to one of the team.

→ Wiremu 021 348 776
→ Steve 027 579 9009
→ Marie 021 119 0692



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