Eastern Bay of Plenty Chamber of Commerce

Building a better future through sustainable business practices

For many generations, businesses have focused purely on economic performance, on producing goods and services for their clients with a view to making profit for the shareholders. We have seen huge increases in productivity with the help from technology, with little or no regard for the social and environmental impacts. Thankfully we are starting to see a lot more businesses considering these impacts in their planning and new businesses starting up with sustainability as a core value.

Andrew Watson, General Manager, Eastern Bay of Plenty Chamber of Commerce

Delivering fully on the promise of a more sustainable and prosperous future for all requires the right policies and incentives, effective tools and, most importantly a collaborative effort to enable the transformation of business practices towards sustainability, achieving economic success while supporting the environment and the local community.

The Eastern Bay Chamber of Commerce supports member businesses through training, advocacy, and networking opportunities where members can create connections to help them in their journey towards a more sustainable business model. General Manager Andrew Watson says that “Chambers facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices among member businesses. They organise networking events, forums, and conferences where sustainable businesses can share their experiences, success stories, and challenges. By connecting sustainable businesses, chambers foster a community that encourages learning and collaboration.”

Watson goes on to say “It’s often been said that one person’s trash is another’s treasure. There are so many opportunities to work with other businesses, to create an environment where everyone can benefit through better management of resources. I’ve heard of businesses paying to dispose of production waste, then another business down the road paying to buy it back as an input to their manufacturing processes. Wouldn’t it be great if they could come to an arrangement that benefitted both?”

Social is the third aspect of sustainability that we need to address. Resourcing locally helps the whole community. It supports other small businesses in the community and by employing locally, provides an income for a local family. Businesses should assess their impact on the communities in which they operate and seek to contribute positively to society. This includes treating employees fairly, providing safe and healthy working conditions, supporting diversity and inclusion, respecting human rights, and engaging in philanthropic activities that address social issues.

To find out more about how the Eastern Bay Chamber of Commerce can support your business in planning for a more sustainable future, and contribute to the economic, social and environmental welfare of our community, give us a call on 07 219 3827, email info@ebopchamber.co.nz, or visit our website www.ebopchamber.co.nz.

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