SMARTpak: business insurance for SMEs

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Insurance is something most business owners know is necessary, but don’t have time to turn their full attention to. Crombie Lockwood designed its SMARTpak cover specifically with the needs of New Zealand SMEs in mind.

SMARTpak, is based on the four pillars of insurance that are important to the majority of SMEs. These are: material damage, business interruption, liability and commercial motor vehicle cover.

Crombie Lockwood’s years of experience working with SMEs really shaped the structure of SMARTpak and it has some important benefits built in to ensure appropriate coverage that clients may have not otherwise considered.

As an example, within the material damage policy benefits and with basic conditions met, a business can claim up to $1 million if that business is unintentionally underinsured.
The premiums however are based on the declared sums insured, not the $1 million limit. This offers a lot of peace of mind and SMARTpak is the only package to offer this type of cover.

A powerful safety net in a difficult business climate

Crombie Lockwood are passionate about SMEs and their success especially as they are the backbone of New Zealand’s business community. Putting clients’ interests first is among our values and SMARTpak is very closely aligned to that value.

SMARTpak has proven itself to be a powerful safety net for clients, with the $1 million cover component being utilised for many businesses that might not otherwise have been fully covered. Given the uncertainty some businesses have faced in the last 18 months, there is a great sense of pride within Crombie Lockwood that we can exclusively offer the benefits of SMARTpak to the businesses that need it most.

Alleviating worry for SME’s has been amplified in the challenging business environment. Crombie Lockwood has introduced a special SMARTpak introductory offer until the end of November 2021, which means eligible SMEs who are not currently insured with SMARTpak can save 20% on SMARTpak insurance.

Get your insurance sorted with your local Bay of Plenty team.

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