Out of the box SD-WAN with 2degrees

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2degrees’ newest business product offering, Insight Network, is an out-of-the-box software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solution that simplifies the management and operation of a business’s WAN.

Insight Network provides organisations with network control and visibility, business insights, data safety, and application prioritisation, and, most importantly, 2degrees has made sure it’s simple and easy to use.

Partnering with Fortinet, a leading security provider and a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader, to deliver Insight Network, the solution provides larger businesses with the ability to bring sites together with this new cloud-based solution and move away from legacy WAN products and privately owned links between offices.

2degrees Chief Business Officer Andrew Fairgray says the team is excited to have further strengthened 2degrees’ product suite with Insight Network, continuing to provide solutions that Kiwi businesses want and need.

“We know more than ever before that businesses are exploring their options when it comes to the cloud and the opportunity SD-WAN brings,” says Andrew.

“So it was important to us to not only deliver a solution that was fully scalable, but one that had security at its core and delivered what we know our customers are looking for, which is business efficiency, convenience and simplicity, so they can focus on what matters most, doing business.”

Some of the key features of Insight Network include greater visibility and control so organisations can accurately assess what’s important and what’s not on their network at any time. More business insights help users make the right decisions at the right time, take control, and make changes with an easy-to-understand dashboard.

For example, Insight Network assists with application prioritisation, which means organisations can make sure the network is supporting the business as it should. This includes being able to assign bandwidth so high priority applications run at optimum performance.

Security was paramount when designing Insight Network, and the solution helps keep data safe and manage threats. The packages include extensive and advanced firewall options, which are more important than ever in the current climate.

As business has evolved so has where we work, and Insight Network can be utilised no matter where your team might be.

“So, whether your people are working across an office, a city, or across the country, Insight Network will operate seamlessly and simultaneously, as though under a single roof,” says Andrew.

This seamlessness also means WAN can be extended to employees’ homes by utilising applications or by deploying end-point hardware on their home connections.

2degrees is proud to offer an SD-WAN solution that’s different from others in market; it’s flexible and ready to go out of the box with all packages including unlimited ultra-fast fibre.

“When customers partner with us they know we will continue to innovate and provide them with products and services that help them do business better, offering a complete suite of solutions and different options tailored to their specific business needs,” added Andrew.

“It’s this, combined with our award-winning mobile experience, that gives customers confidence that we will continue to Fight for Fair for Kiwi Business every day.”

Insight Network starts at NZ$145/m per site for a basic package, which includes a Smart Fibre 100/100Mbps connection and unlimited data. A more advanced package includes extensive security options with unified threat management and starts at NZ$204/m per site.

Reach out to the 2degrees team on 0800 022 002 or visit the 2degrees website to learn more about Insight Network.

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