Danielle Adnitt: “Broad experience brings value…”

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Over the past four years, luxury specialist agency Oliver Road has enjoyed a strong growth trajectory and the last 18 months wouldn’t have been possible without Danielle Adnitt.

Exploring a range of roles within both public and private sector business environments over her younger adult years has proven to Danielle that building a wide knowledge base and skillset has very real value – value she is currently bringing to Oliver Road and its clients.

The public is exposed (or perhaps, over-exposed) to constant “new listing” and “now sold” type marketing from the real estate industry. Yet, especially at the top end of the market, so much goes into these transactions. From the first client meeting through to a sale and settlement, no fewer than five Acts of Parliament produce a raft of constantly evolving legislative requirements and considerations.

Danielle’s tenure at Cooney Lees Morgan has proven immensely valuable in navigating this. Her Regulatory Support Officer position at Western Bay of Plenty District Council supports Oliver Road’s comprehensive approach to pre-market discovery/investigation of each property listed. An international career in the travel industry took her all over the world, providing endless opportunities to develop a skill of time-sensitive, client-focused problem solving – something required almost daily within the fast-paced real estate environment.

Almost all industries are experiencing the tsunami of change that technology of all descriptions is bringing, and real estate is no exception. With this brings risk both in over-complicating the simple stuff, and under-utilising technologies that can produce huge value to a business and its clients.

Danielle’s wide exposure to different organisations and industries, each employing countless interconnected accounting, auditing, database, document, HR, marketing, operations, and automation systems, has helped Oliver Road mitigate these risks and strike the right balance. Her choice and refinement of appropriate platforms, coupled with an ability to become very quickly proficient in them, is freeing up more of the Directors’ time to focus on what ultimately matters to its clients – selling their unique, high value homes.

If Danielle could give one piece of advice to her younger self it would be “to get excited about who you might become – while enjoying the current season and all of the experiences that contribute to the journey.”

Danielle is a mum, a daughter, a wife, a friend and fortunately for Oliver Road, a highly driven Business Manager making a difference.

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