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Tony Snow

Tony Snow is chief executive and co-founder of Stratus Blue. He can be contacted at tony@stratusblue.co.nz.

The best use of techspertise

During 2020, new data and privacy laws came into play, remote working exploded, and cyber-security, data protection and IT risks become constant conversation pieces....

To consumer or not to consumer

You don’t need me to tell you that it’s been an extraordinary year… Covid-19, the whole country working from home, several high-profile data security...

Birth of the human firewall

Cyber security threats are ever evolving and continue to be a risk to our businesses; what are some of the common ones and why...

Protect your digital assets

Over the past few articles, I have written about the importance of protecting your business’ digital assets. However, when it comes to actually implementing...

Be prepared for new Privacy Act changes

According to a survey by Digital Identity New Zealand (DINZ) in 2019, 79 percent of New Zealanders were concerned about the protection of their...

More regulation could enhance IT infrastructure development

A lot happens in the tech world in three years. New Zealand firms have sent rockets to space, developed autonomous vehicles and put faces...

Stay vigilant to resist changing face of cyber attacks

It is a matter of fact that technology has a large role in our day to day lives. And with the separation of work...

Know what purpose your technology serves

You don’t have to be too much of a salty seadog to know that if you’re heading into uncharted waters, with a forecast for...

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