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After arriving in New Zealand from the UK fifteen years ago, Nicky Spraggon landed a job at Telecom. Over the span of her career with Spark Nicky has had numerous roles across the business, now as Region Lead Owner for the Bay of Plenty.

Each Spark Business Hub offers their customers a personable and trustworthy approach and it’s evident that people and culture are a passion of Nicky’s.

“If you get the culture right for your people, you know they will look after your customers, and everything else follows,” Nicky says.

It’s no surprise that a typical day for Nicky would be to make sure her people are supported. This means getting to know who she works with internally and externally, as well as the environment they work in; from the hustle and bustle of varied workplaces to where they have lunch is important.

One challenge that SMEs are facing is access to I.T. services. Nicky views this as an opportunity. ‘There’s this concept that it’s expensive to get I.T. support, when it actually isn’t. I.T. support is incredibly cost-effective.

“We recently worked with a business owner who was working across several job roles. To help, we put a service agreement in place to help their business run efficiently.”

With good partnerships with people who have the right skills and tools, it’s beneficial to have conversations that make a difference. As Covid has forced more people to work remotely, there’s a need for efficient I.T. experiences to enable SMEs. Nicky starts to discuss existing and future trends, I.T being an area that she describes as offering huge opportunities. “My team love the innovation space, it’s an area that Spark can help make a difference in. We’re also excited about what 5G can do for us and our customers.”

Enabling organisations and Spark customers to get on their feet with technology is what Spark Hubs are all about. For Nicky, her team and Spark, it’s hugely rewarding. So, if you’re in the Bay of Plenty and need a hand with your tech, reach out to Nicky and her team.

Spark Business Hub – Bay of Plenty
0800 482 842
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