Tax credit a good incentive to give before 31 March

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With the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations behind us, many people will be working on their financial plans for the end of the fiscal year. The WBOP’s community foundation is also encouraging locals to consider their giving goals.

2022’s Give Back and Get Back campaign from the Acorn Foundation identifies the benefits that support for the community can provide, particularly during the ongoing impact of Covid-19. Donors get a real sense of pleasure from seeing their gifts at work, and donations made before 31 March qualify for a 33.3% tax credit this year up to the amount of tax paid.

Acorn Foundation CEO, Lori Luke, says that Acorn donors often like to contribute to their favourite causes at this time of year, and professional advisors can play an important role in facilitating philanthropic behaviour.

“Research from the UK and Australia shows that up to three times as many clients will make a donation to a charitable organisation if it is suggested to them by a trusted advisor.

We know that accountants, solicitors and investment managers can benefit the community and solidify client relationships through a conversation about philanthropy – as well as benefiting the community.”

Having the “giving” conversation means that firms can offer clients:

  • a significant point of difference in their advisory role;
  • a more holistic financial planning approach;
  • the opportunity to connect with a client’s core values and aspirations; and
  • the knowledge and confidence to help overcome barriers to giving.

Everyone has a cause that they are passionate about, and the 33.3% tax credit this year provides a good incentive to act before 31st March.

Find out more about giving back to the community through the Acorn Foundation  www.acornfoundation.org.nz

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