Bay of Plenty holds a prime place as 2degrees steps up regional focus


Shaun Telford, operator of exclusive 2degrees Business Dealership, Somo.
2degrees is serious about the Bay of Plenty, and serious about supporting kiwi businesses.

One year after the merger with another challenger brand, Vocus NZ, 2degrees is leveraging its increased scale and stepping up its focus on the regions, and the Bay of Plenty in particular. For local organisations, the value proposition is both clear and refreshing: 2degrees wants your business, has the connectivity and services you need, and is putting a focus on knowing exactly what helps your business. In recent months, 2degrees has added three new business to business consultants in the BoP, working out of Tauranga but serving towns from Katikati through Whakatāne and down to Ōpōtiki, and all the way up to Rotorua and everywhere in between.

The Business Consultants are Nathan Rasmussen, Breeana Shilling and Bethany Rabbitt.

Andrew Fairgray, Chief Business Officer at 2degrees, says growing populations, prosperous businesses and a clear need not only for reliable and high-performance networks but personal attention, is driving the company’s investments in the region. “There’s a lot going on in the BoP. In particular, we can offer those organisations solutions to support their productivity with optimised delivery of mobile and fibre along with related technology like cloud PBX and texting solutions.

We’re about Fighting for Fair, and we believe that fight includes creating higher expectations of service among our customers and potential customers, then meeting and exceeding those expectations.”

Fairgray stresses the necessity for a local people and a real presence. “We believe the small and medium businesses which are the backbone of this country are underserved and we know the Bay of Plenty’s business owners and operators want to work with local people who are part of the community,” he confirms.

There’s no question that the service level 2degrees offers is putting it head and shoulders above the competition. Just days ago, 2degrees won the Canstar Blue Small Business Telecommunications award for the most satisfied customers in 2023. That was no fluke, because this win in the quality awards was the third in a row.

The win is thanks to quality products and service – and being present for customers.

With four stores in Tauranga, another in Whakatāne and one in Rotorua, 2degrees has substantial retail coverage across the region. This presence is augmented by the new representatives who are tasked with meeting business owners, assessing individual needs, optimising billing and service delivery – and then staying in touch, explains Shaun Telford, operator of exclusive 2degrees Business Dealership Somo. “Business requirements change over time. There’s growth, and sometimes there’s contraction. Either way, you want your telecoms to match your requirements not just today, but tomorrow and next year too,” he says.

“Of course, 2degrees offers awesome ‘set and forget’ systems which make managing your telco services a simple and automated affair. But while that works perfectly for individual customers, a regular assessment and review is valuable for our business customers, not only to accurately meet staffing levels, but also because 2degrees is constantly working on new products and services that could benefit your organisation,” Telford adds. “That’s what our reps will be doing, helping you get the most out of your telco on an ongoing basis.”

For more information, visit www.somo.co.nz

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